I'm being grumpy for this whole busy week and ignored everything and everyone.

Ayra was crying out loud.

Kakak:  Ishhhhh, tengok ni, dedek nangis pon kakak yang kena pujuk!  

Ayra stopped crying and Kakak brought her upstairs. 

Kakak: Hati-hati dedek, pegang tepi tu. *holding hands*

Ayra hurt her toe while climbing the stairs. 

Kakak: shhh, shh, xpe, Kakak ada, kakak ada. 

Auwwww, so sweet! Thank you Nasuha for being such a good sister and daughter.

Been reading those comments from Malaysia Insider FB page, regarding the child custody issue of converted Indian man. I'm not sure how he converted to Islam at first, but his child is separated from his Hindu's mother by law, and that caused the anger of the netizens.  

But the comments from netizens were really harsh, and that include those from my friends in my friend list too. Why put so much hatred on Muslims? I thought the islam-phobia only happened outside our country, then I just realized it also happened in Malaysia as well. Too sad, too bad. The racism in Malaysia is getting worse by day and the selfish leaders (from both parties) are using this as their modal politik. Booo!

The harsh comments, mostly came from a fathers and mothers of a child. How do you expect our next generations would be if their parents showed and raised them to hate other races and religions. 

I'm missing the good old days when Malaysians used to respect each other. 

I miss the tv channels that include Cantonese and Mandarin drama slot at 7pm weekdays @tv2 and @tv3. 

I miss my uni-mates and matric roommates, who are non muslim but also excited when Ramadhan's coming and joined us for berbuka puasa and moreh. (Some of them even fast with us!) 

I miss those time where we can shop happily at ah pek kedai runcit without being judge (in front of other races)  'ehtak support bisnes orang melayu

I miss when we eat at Indian chendol stalls or ah pek ais kacang without being judge (in front of other believer) 'oiii, mencari yang halal tu fardhu

I miss the old Malaysia.