My eldest is very talkative. Too much talking till her teachers always asked me, who did she take after. (-___-)" 

And since our holiday in Krabi and Hatyai, she has been asking me, when will we stay at hotel again. Read: (hotel=fancy room with BATHTUB).  I've told her to save up some money so that we could stay at hotel. 

So last weekend, we decided to spend our time in Penang, cum birthday celebration for Ayra and me. I excitedly woke her up in the morning to burst out the news butttt  

Amboii, sentap iols. 

Upon arrival, Nasuha came to me and handed me a crumpled of 1 ringgit note and said "Nah mama, bayar hotel" LoL. 

She has been collecting those money that we left around the house and save it up for this trip. Hahahahhaha.

Next time please collect the red one okay? 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~