Dah setahun x update blog, tetiba beranak pulak kan? Nahh, my life has been too exciting and happening, so it's hard for me to squeeze some time to write in here. LoL. 

We knew i was pregnant during last eid. It was my husband's turn so we celebrate our Raya in Johor. You know in Jawa plus Bugis culture, kalau tak penuh meja dengan 1001 jenis ketupat dan makanan, tak raya la namanya. But none of it can pass through my throat. T_T

This second pregnancy was not easy as the first one. I had evening sickness and bleeding for entire first trimester, high fever for a week and food poisoning during second trimester and a hectic third trimester. 

4/ 5 months

7 months

And This is the birth story of my second girl. 

16 march, 1.00 am
I was still doing office work when i suddenly noticed my pant was wet. I didn't suspect anything so i thought i peed myself. 

2.00 pm
I was in shower and i confirmed that my waterbag leak. 

3.30 pm
I was supposed to get my monthly check up that day, so we went to the gynae and he asked me to be warded immediately. Barang apa pon x beli lg, how to get warded? So i asked for perlepasan khas from him. Luckily this doctor dah paham sangat perangai yours truly yg keras kepala ni, so he gave the permission sambil geleng2 kepala. 

8.00 pm
Since there is no contraction, i went to buy baby stuffs and fulfill my craving for the sushi. I was only in my 36w and no preparation has been done. None, no new born diapers, newborn clothes still in boxes in a storeroom, no air selusuh, no hospital bag, nothing at all. 

1130 pm
The leaking was bad, even after i put on maternity pad. So we decided to check in to the hospital. Malas nk kotorkan cadar tilam rumah sendiri, kalau kat hospital, nurse boleh buatkan. Lol. 

17 march
No contraction at all. No contraction means no opening la kan? Doctor came to check the opening, 0 cm. So i slept peacefully dekat ward, the best sleep i can get after the hectic work week(s). 

18 march 9.30 am
Checked in to labour room. Doctor decided to induce. Opening is at 2 cm. No contraction yet. Buhsan duduk dlm tu. The only 'entertainment' i could have was the scream of other patients, either yang tgh labour, or yang tgh cuci rahim after miscarriage. Horror sungguh entertaiment dalam labour room tu.

3.30 pm
Mild contraction happened. Macam senggugut gitu. The opening was at 4 cm. baru la start nak minum air akar siti fatimah. 

4.45 pm
Ohhhhhh now came the real contractions. Kasyfi went out for asar prayer. I thought malam sikit kot baru bersalin ni, based on previous experience. Tapi sakit ni memang melampau, berganda ganda painful from the previous one. Nurse told me that the opening was at 6cm.

5.15 pm
Doctor came and asked where was my husband. He prepared everything and put my legs to be hang. I asked him, aiks dah boleh bersalin ke doctor? Luckily kasyfi came on time. They asked me to push during the contraction, so there it goes, a baby girl came out at 5.40 pm. 

Ayra Kaina an-Najaah

I have a different experience this time. Not a long labour, but the contraction was really really really really painful. But i'm blessed to have these two girls in my life. Cepat sikit besar ye dedek, mama cant wait to dress you up together with kakak nasuha.

Dah besar nanti, we can leave babah at home while we go for outing, shopping and  beautifying ourselves, ok girls???

Sekian, kamsahamida~