Nasuha turned 1 year 6 months last month and i brought her to the clinic for 18 months a jab. Then she turned to a-tree-in-a-toddler-body, refused to eat and just drink her milk milk milk milk milk milk and plain water. I was worried so i tried to make her meal 'wonderful' just to make her eat again.

Marinate the salmon with salt and pepper, add a teaspoon of olive oil and grill it. Cut an avocado into half and spoon out the isi. Then, shape the rice to a small ball shape, and top it with salmon, avocado and black seeds. Tadaa, ready to be served to that little girl. 

And i made beef lasagna extra cheese for daddy, mommy and grandpa. 

Another story. We, the Sarawakian girls are introduced with kek lapis or kek kukus baking since we're small. I remembered during my childhood, my mom dragged me to the kitchen after Subuh for the whole month of Ramadhan just to help her with raya cake baking. At the age of 9, i already took order from her friends and my first cake delivered to a customer was Orange Cheese Cake. You know, that cheese cake with biscuit based at the bottom... 100% all done by me ^_____^

So, i decided to introduce my girl into baking too. And there you go, she was helping me with the bread butter pudding. Recipe is from Aida. She lovessss it but of course the kitchen turned veryyyy messy and mama turned into hulk when doing the clean up.  

I know, i love you too. 

And this was yesterday, she helped me with chocolate muffins. I undressed her because this is chocolate we're talking about. She supposed to sprinkle the choc chip to the muffin top, but she ate (most of) them instead!  

I'll be off to KK this Friday for a vacation and will directly fly to Kuching hometown for election. 

Yayyy, let's vote people! Ini kali lah. =)

Sekian, Kamsahamida~