Kuching Trip in Summary

So, I spent my CNY holiday in Kuching this time, for more than a week. I was back to attend my neighbour cum friend's wedding reception and visit my newly born nephew. As i was in Kuching for quite a long time, i plan to

1. Eat, eat and eat lotssssss of FOOD.
2. Pamper myself- have a face facial and hair cut 
3. Go to see a dentist  

Let's see what i've been  up to. I just let the pictures do the talking.  

Warning: Photos overload.

Can you spot a girl with a yellow hat?

D'cove at Pasir Panjang, and she's sleeping when we reached there.

Beach-ing with daughter 

The best limau i've ever tasted!

Me in tiffany, jacket is not from ZARA

Shoes shopping. Like mama like Nasuha. 

Chicken and mushroom quiche from Skycafe.

Favorite ever!

Horlicks Cake and Choco meringue Swiss roll 

Ohh, good old days. kendondong samboi pedas. 

blended Strawberry Yogurt  

Chakoi and scallop porridge. Yumms!

Vanilla latte

and was 'rasmikan' by this girl. Sigh. 

Bing's Coffee offers the BEST lasagna ever. SANGAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT yummeh! Secret Recipe, Domino's, Pizza Hut- please learn from Bing!

The brownies as well!

Too yummeh till i have to ignore my daughter. 
You can tell from her annoying face. LoL.

Ready for hair cut, but end up with pre-perm. 
Send my husband the after pic, he was amazed and happy, not until I mentioned the price and claimed to him. LOL. 

Nice ambiance and they have a private room for muslimah. 

Real Sarawakian Kid. She ate mee kolok u'olls

The famous mee kolok mangkok mirah!

Ais jagong, YUMMY with capital Y!


Congrats Azid and Ateen!

Yey, ada daging masak itam versi Sarawak. 

Meeting miak kelas 3A at Azid's wedding. 

Kopi Najib 1Malaysia. Mahal and not nice. Sik nyaman.

Damai Central

MYR 8.50. Should pay for coffee bean's blended vanilla instead

Cookies ice blended. Just so-so.

Aunty kecik plus our driver ke mana-mana

Weekend getaway. Mum decided to checked in at Damai Puri after she saw Nasuha is too fond with the beach. 

girls in a plum stripes

Dinner at Lim Hock Ann Seafood at Buntal. Remind me of good childhood days. Hmmm.

Shark Fin's soup. Ok, ok, i promise this will be my last time. Kesian Shark banyak masalah.  

Sea Cucumber soup for my sis who is still in confinement tapi tuaija nak ngekottt!!!

Oyster Pancake

Salted butter prawn. Sedaaaaaaappppppppp!

My favorite since i was a kiddie. Lim Hock Ann's Jellyfish

Nestum Butter Prawn

The best Japanese Taufu

Ikan sik tauk pa nama, mahal gilak sak ati jak. Yah, ngerepak. 

Makan 5 org je pon, tapi malam Lau Yee Sang, so food was all over the table. Restaurant pon penuh. 

Hotel's breakfast. Not even meet my expectation. There is NO cheese at all at the buffet counter. Hellloooooowwwwwwww, where is my cheese?????

Mount Santubong at the back there. 


Kuih keria versi gulapong

And my bestie Azza finally can make her time for me. She's been very very very very busy and i just about to harass her at her office if she cancel our meet up!

and MNG. Girls' day out yay! Hai Aida, we miss you. 

We decided to kill our time in the cinema instead of gossiping at cafe.

It has been ages since i watch a movie in cinema. Glad that Azza brought me and this is the first time ever i entered cinema rah Spring ya oi!

And the movie is 


I love my hero tua Bruce Willis so muchhhhhh and i've been waiting for Die Hard 5. Yay! 

I captured this scene in cinema and Azza was ready to run incase I got caught by the security guard. 

Sigh, best friend forever. 

Healthy choice

Dear adood, 
Azza dah pandei makan sushi! Dolok kemain gik nya gelik la apa la. Nektok berkaol! HAHA

Not so healthy salmon skin.

This is all mineeeeeee! *lick the plate*

I pretend to forget to offer Azza even a single piece.

Ate until finish and told her, 

"Aih Azza, lupa nyuruh awak ncerik sigek"

 *mode: BFF again*

Salmon me, hijabista azza. 

And i force her to sign up to Instagram. Yes, berjaya!

She dropped me at my house and came back to me 15 minutes later. 

I thought she missed me that much, awww. 

Rupanya I left my phone in her car. HAHA. 

Breakfast on the last day in Kuching, Mee Belacan Hakim Cafe. Pedas tapi yummeh!

Mee Jawa!!

And tapau-ing kek-kek lapis for friends. 

So, there is no dentist for me. As expected. 

10 days aren't enough.


I'll start working today. Hope everything will be good, please.


6 doll(s) whispering:

myatiqah said...
February 20, 2013 at 11:16 AM

honikenoliiiiiii banyaknye makanan!! ni pesal mohd azlan xdek nak bawak aku pegi tempat2 cenggini niiiii.....ahahhahahha

mee kolok xde lebih kewww

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...
February 20, 2013 at 11:50 AM

mee kolok aku x smpat nak tapaw. kalo smpat mmg aku nak bg kat ko even ko x mintak. haha

sila tuntut dengan azalan bila balik kuching nnti. hahaha

cik selamah kundang said...
February 20, 2013 at 1:55 PM

balik perang ke pe ni?food overloads.lapaq teruih!

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...
February 20, 2013 at 2:00 PM

hahahah. mknan sajeeeee. oi kate nk diet!

Balkidz Hunny said...
April 17, 2013 at 10:56 AM

agreeeee! BING so far the best Lasagna in kuching! ;p
ehhh where on earth u pergi saloon muslimah tu? share plissss.

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...
April 22, 2013 at 6:03 AM

kan??? terinat lasagna bing lg. nk mam lg la time blk ngundi nnti. huhu

saloon tu kat area gita. kat ats kedai barong tinuk..