I've got to share something. I can fit back to my Levi's size 25 & E spirit jeans size 24! Mind you, both jeans are not stretchable. #RiaktahapDewa

K. Bye!

I decided to have a reunion with my convo shoes after 4 years. For all this while, she's been hiding in shoe box without no one noticing her.

But look, how she treats me! I was at the office, talking to a colleague at the hallway when suddenly the heel broke! Revenge huh?

Bye shoes. I'm dumping you.

Sekian, Kamsahamida

I think if you know me well you should know that i'm a kind of girl yang sangat gilakan heels! and i'm lucky enough to marry with someone yang much taller than me plus my height pon tak cukup tinggi nak qualify jadi model etc, so more reasons to wear heels. yay!  sejak zaman anak dara lagi mmg melonggok la heels tu, but i stopped during pregnancy.

Knowing that i was pregnant, my heels just hanging there at shoe racks. 9 bulan + 2 months confinement tak terpakai, semua rosak!! that's why bila cukup 44 hari pantang, i terus grab 1 pair dekat JB and terus pakai without knowing patut kena pantang heels at least 6 bulan.

Now after a year plus, my heels-hormones strikes back.  i've purchased almost a pair for a week, most of them thru online shop, and that's not good for my money flow. but yet, i still can't resist the beauty of the heels yang available in stores.

Believe it or not, i still have no purple heels in hand. perhaps after i meet 1 gorgeous pair then i'll stop. hopefully.

Btw. if i'm no where to be found during working hours, (not at home, not in mothers room, not in cafe, etc), look for me at staircase area, mane taw terpelecok sorg2 kat sana. gigih iolls nak kurus, sanggup naik tangga pakai high heels.

Sekian, kamsahamida.
Durian crepe has been a phenomena since durian season kick off. 
I've tried some and Kak Mimi's crepe is the best ever. 
The selection of durian, the tenderness of frozen cream, arrhhh, awesome!
Contact her at 0195274331.
Thanks to Tiqah for the great finding! and ruining my diet regime

Rasa cam makan awan! 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~