$$$$$$$ Please come to me. *Sigh*

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

My baby (eh?) turns 1 on 13 September 2012. Awwww, you're big girl now sayang. Time flies fast! Mama lovessss you always (and always want you to still be a 'baby' to me). I was on leave leave yesterday, just to spend my time with her. Hopefully she will remember THAT till tua! Tapi yang pasti, kalo aku keja hari spesel anak laki aku, kompom kampeni x kesah pon lagi lagi time focal. Hueaheueh. 

Snow cheese cake!

Main masak-masak dengan babah

Suap babah

Kemainnn bz nyoo.

It has been a year of me being a mother, and a year of breastfeeding journey. I would say, not easy for me to  fully breastfeed my baby, I'm struggling though, to express the amount of milk that she needs a day. Production drop, but still sufficient for her. EBM stocks masih ada, just I don't want to kacau it as I don't know if it is needed in case of emergency.

Now Nasuha is a big girl. She can walk, and she knows what're we talking about. She's now imitating what we're doing. When she woke up, she'll go to dressing table and play around with my make up. She knows a lipstick is to be put on lips, a blusher brush is to be brushed at cheek. Then she'll go to my drawer and take the panties out and try to wear them. Indeed, she tries to put on my bra on her chest as well! Tuaija ok!

 Ok lar. Happy birthday my girl!!! I love you so much!!! 

Perangai babah, Kalau penat, baring la di mana-mana. 

Eh, happy birthday to Nasuha's granddaddy too, Haji Ahmad. Happy birthday abah!

Sekian, Kamsahamida~