Mama Nasuha just turned 27 on 19 March. Uuuu 27, rasa dah tua sangat dah tu. We celebrated together with my sister and dad at Batu Feringgi, sweet escape to Bayview Beach Resort sebab ada voucher,  WITHOUT any laptop (read: work!) and wireless and internet connection (read: facebook!). Haha.

Upon arrival- waiting for our room. Check in time was at 3pm but we reached there at 2 pm. Look who's very excited?

Perasmian katil oleh Nasuha. One thing i like about Bayview, their suite bed is Super King size, Nasuha pun boley meng-askar ke sana ke mari ke hulur ke hilir. 

We had our early dinner at gerai-gerai at Teluk Bahang, kununnya nak attend ceramah ustaz Azhar Idrus at Masjid Negeri later. Tapi tak jadi sebab tak sempat, balik pun dah sunset. Jagung Bakar, Nasi Goreng Thai yang sungguh marvelous, and beach!!! I always want to introduce my girl to sands and beach and waves. See how's her reaction. 

Her first waves.

Ok fine, she's afraid of it. Hahaha. 

Last-last mandi dalam bath tub ajeeee. 

On the next day, we got the private pool at the rooftop. Kekasyfi Hati insisted us to swim together so he got us the private pool for one hour. Guests can only wear swimming attire at the hotel swimming pool, but at the private pool, you can wear anything you want. They have this special rate for in house guests, and besides swimming pool, we also can use the Jacuzzi all by ourselves. Probably this facilities is intended for Pak Arabs in Penang, sebab the signage is also in Arabic. 

Ok wrong timing or wrong temperature? The water is quite icy even we the adults are shivering.  


Muka ketat tak puas hati. 

Thanks Kekasyfi hati for the family getaway and sis & abah for the birthday gifts.  I'm blessed to have a baby girl at the age of 27, a husband who loves me, good health, family still around  and everything that I have now. I'll pray that I'll become a devoted muslimah , and live in islamic way of life with my family.  Insha allah. Aamin! 

Orang kata perangai mak nya time pregnant akan menurun kat anak. I discovered one, main hidung babah!

Family photos, finally!

Hoo Cak! 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

Hi Zerro.

Pegang sikit. 

Haaa, Zerro larikkk!

Babah, kenapa Zerro lari? 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

Lil Nasuha just got a mini pool for swimming! It's not really a pool though, it's more like a well. I was over-excited to get her into the pool, so after she woke up from her morning nap, i undressed her, put her swim suit on and passed her to her babah to get her in to the water. Alih2 the well belum fully fill up with water so nasuha and mama kecewa tercanguk tunggu depan tv. 

Ready with swimming gown!

Fasten your neck float

Cak, dah siap tapi pool x ready lagi. 

Testing testing

Uuu sejukkk.

Sebab terlalu excited, we immediately rendam her in, and forgot the water temperature is considered cold to her. For all this time, baby kan mandi air panas or suam2.  Menjeeerittt la budak cinonet ni kesejukan. Haha. Later baru realize kenapa nasuha nangis as she lovessss water and bath so much sblm ni. *key learning*

Muka susah hati je

Muka keras sbb tak tahu berenang.

Finally, pandai pun swimming. 

Then we slowly introduced her with that cold water. Rendam her kaki first, make her sit onto the baby floating neck, and let her play with her ducks. After she was calm then we put the floating neck around her, fasten it and slowly put her into the water. She was kind of afraid at first, but curious at the same time. I hold her tight, afraid to let her float by herself. Nasuha pun buat muka susah hati tengok mamanya gitu. After she felt ease, (or actually mama die yg felt ease!) we let her floating sendiri.

Pool kecik, so swimming pusing-pusing je.

Excited sampai tak mahu keluar pool. 

Nasuha definitely lovessss this 'well'. Kalau bukak pintu depan je terus excited sebab ingatkan die akan swimming kat well die. Hmmmmm,tak cukup rasanya weekend time untuk anak kan? =( 

 Sekian, Kamsahamida

I wish we have one just like this in Malaysia, or Penang exactly. (Ker memang dah ada tapi I x taw?) 

not in malaysia. =( 

It's just like a normal library, one can borrow a book and must return it to the library within 2 weeks. Parents can save money sebab tak payah membeli macam2 toys yang the price nowadays agak la mahal, lagi kalau dah beli and baby x suka. Besides, boleh jimat ruang di rumah macam-the unused toys sekarang berselerak di rumah. Haha. 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~
Long silence... again.

I was busy with preparations for my sister's wedding for the past weeks. And yey, my girl finally dapat ke kampung halaman bonda nya di Kuching, Sarawak! =)  Later la baru update photos from my sister's wedding.  

Btw, since lil Nasuha entered her 5th month, she's quite independant dah sekarang. Dah tak mengempeng macam dulu untuk sleep at night. Sekarang lepas je kenyang, terus die berpaling ke arah babah die and sleep! waaaa, my girl dah besar... dah x perlukan mama macam dlu... *sobs* sobs*

lil Nasuha @ 5 months plus

Akad Nikah's dais with Nasuha jadi model

Her very first flight experience.  

Sekian, Kamsahamida~