Type: Unfurnished, 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Apartment Lot at Level 16. 
Size: 897 sq. ft.
Area: Casa Prima, Seberang Jaya, Penang.
Monthly Rent: RM800 (nego) 
Deposit: 1 month + RM 200 for utilities 
Facilities: Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Mini Market, Surau, Playground, Balcony/Patio, 24 hour Security 

7 minutes from Penang Bridge 
30 minutes to Kulim Hi Tech Park 
10 minutes walk to UiTM and Politeknik 
5 minutes drive to Jusco Perda, Sunway Carnival and Megamall Shopping Complex
10 minutes to Juru Auto City and Prai Industrial Park 
5 minutes walk Carrefour 

Tenant required ASAP. Contact me miftahulaifa@gmail.com for booking. 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~ 

Semalam my husband is supposed to receive the deposit and rental fee from our potential tenant. She booked our apartment weeks ago and we have rejected more than 30 other tenants that interested to rent the place. Even busy with our works, we ulang-alik to the apartment to clean and prepare everything untuk keselesaan penyewa itu. Penat gila bersihkan rumah baru especially dengan bawak perut berat2. 

We decided to meet on Saturday morning at the place and suddenly that girl's aunt called saying that she has to cancel the booking. My bad for rejecting their offer to pay the booking fee previously (sebab kesian and dieorg belum tgk rumah tu lagi). Kekasyfi Hati was quite angry with that girl, for the last minute cancellation and for the improper way of her telling us, and i was scared he'll burst to anger for the whole weekend. (you'll never know how my husband is when he's angry!)   

Luckily, after he calmed down, he told me this, 

"Bila tak dapat sesuatu mende, kita dah mengamuk dan marah-marah. Bila difikir balik, dah terlalu banyak dah rezeki Tuhan kurniakan dekat kita selama ni." 

Update pasal kereta hari tu, pihak klinik still nak bayar half sahaja even my husband did fight back for me. He told them nak bawak kes ni ke pihak sepatutnya but then that tukang kebun merayu-rayu supaya x panjangkan kes ni, maybe sebab takut die yang kene buang kerja. He willingly pay the other half secara ansuran, but then we only asked RM100 sahaja from him. Kesian la pulak nak mintak full.

Kekasyfi Hati pun dah dapat reward from me for his good anger management. Nasi Lemak super Special prepared  by her wife and unlimited kasih sayang. Ngee. 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~ 

I was having my bi-weekly check up at Klinik Desa Sg Ular yesterday when this incident happened. I arrived at 8.15 am and parked my car at the most corner parking space, headed to the waiting room and waiting waiting waiting for my turn. Around 930 am, there was a staff from KK asked a few car owners to move their car as they want to do the grass trimming, but my car was not mentioned to be moved. 

Half an hour later, he came again and said, "xxx 9800, cermin kereta sudah pecah…"  I was like, "Eh, that's my car." I calmly went to see the damage and then he said, "Nanti pegi Pejabat Kesihatan claim ye." OK fine, I pon sambung tunggu giliran tanpa fikir nak marah or the difficulties to deal with this things. Tak terfikir pun nak call Perodua to ask the estimation cost for repairing this things, and segala yang berkaitan, until I phoned Kekasyfi Hati and he asked me to do so.

So after the check up, I went to picked up my husband at the office and we went together to Pejabat Kesihatan Kulim.  I thought we can have the claim on the spot, rupanya kena isi borang aduan, then the person in charge will bring this matters to orang atasan for approval.  They will get back to us within a week time.

So today, I received a call from the person in charge and she informed that 'orang atasan' merangkap wakil Klinik Kesihatan Kulim willingly to pay HALF of the repair cost ONLY. Half sajeeeeee  ok, kalau total cost MYR 600, another MYR 300 kena bayar sendiri. Lagi tinggi cost, lagi tinggi duit melayang!

Alasan mereka adalah,

Inisatif telah diambil dengan mengarahkan pemilik kenderaan untuk mengalihlan kereta sebelum kejadian. - Yeah, you're right. Kereta lain ade la, my car you x suruh alihkan pon. I ingat lagi time ibu mengandung lain yang tanya, which car and orang tu jawab, yang kaler kelabu. My car kaler putih yeeeeee.  

When I told her bout this matters, she said, "Entah laaaa, doktor kata die sanggup bayar half saje, so puan nak terima ke tidak? Kalau tak terima, kena bawak ke mahkamah."  WTH.

The damage. Retak berjuta cermin Shiro-ku.

Sekarang saya tengah pissed off tapi tak tahu la nak redha or nak tuntut balik hak saya. My husband asked me to fight back, and he'll come with me. Tapi entah, pregnant lady nak marah-marah macam ... Hmmmmm, dugaan kot.

Sekian, Kamsahamida~ 

I've mentioned earlier that I was back to my hometown for a week of rest and recharge, no? I had a great time with my BFFs and family, and not forgotten, the local cuisine. (Heaven!)

I got to eat all kind of food listed in my MUST EAT LIST, well, not all but MOST of it. Here's some photos, hopefully I didn’t harassed your stomach with this kind of photos. =)  

Igloo Pink Lady Snowflakes Ice Cream. Murah, 3 for RM10.

Upon my landing terus heading to the place. X menyempat! And i ate this 3 hari berturut-turut, sekian. 

Website: http://iglool.com 

Chocolate, not mine. 

Second day, outing with siblings for mother's day prezzie and Kekasyfi Hati's birthday prezzie hunting. Dropped by at Tun Jugah to eat this famous Salad Crispy Chicken Rice. Nyum2! 

Love-love lagi nasik nye. Nasi Ayam Salad. 

Butter Chicken Rice, my sis's. 

White Lady, Ouh, so refreshing!!! 

the Legend Satay Cheko for 3rd day breakfast. 

My portion. Harus ada lemang and ketupat! 

Mee Jawa. My aunt's better. Hee. 

Then for high tea with my girls, we went to Sky Cafe, who caters MAS flights. Nice ambiance, surprisingly affordable and super delicious food! Sumpah sedap-sedap. 

The pizza- beef. Wayyyy better than Pizza Hut. 

Foot Long Sandwich, cut into pieces. 

Creme Brulee, sweet and heaven @ MYR 3.80

Cream Caramel. Sinfully creamy for MYR 3.00

4 pieces big size chocolate macarons. MYR 5

Beef pizza, Mushroom, beef and chicken quiches. I wantttttttttt them now! 

Sumpah sedap. Pavlova for MYR 3.80 only!!! nyaaaaaaman gila. 

Apple & Sausage Danishes.  

Friday- off for outside food. Masak dekat rumah and stay home for the whole day. Saturday morning, we had our family breakfast at Kopi O Corner. We supposed to have our morning walk at 6am but then sebab tunggu my mum bersiap paling lambat, we directly headed to this breakfast place at 7am. Pukul 7 pun ramai orang and we coincidentally met Aida with her family there. Variety of food served here, and that's what i love the most about Kuching, banyak makanan time breakfast, bukan setakat Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai semata.. 

Rojak Ayam, similar to Rojak Kuchey 

Laksa Sarawak 

Mee Kolok Sapi 

After breakfast, i forced my sister to drive me to Mita Bakery. Luckily this bakery starts operating at 8am so berjaya la I grabbed 1 kg of their significant buttercream cake. nyamannnnn gila! 

I'm looking for the one with pink and green icing, tapi xada. Purple pon boley la baby kan? 

Since i bought it just for eating purpose, no occasions, when the salesgirl asked what I want to write for the topping, i was blur. But then my sis answered, " THIS IS MY CAKE, DO NOT EAT IT.", referring to me. T_T 

Simple but superrrrrb! 

For family dinner, we went to Topspot for Chinese Seafood. Dekat Penang susah gila nak cari HALAL chinese style seafood, waaaa! Here iin Topspot, we tried Ah Seng ABC Seafood, not bad, sedap, tapi agak mahal. Hoho. 

Sea Cucumber Soup, my favorite! 

Jellyfish, ouh, i want it again! 

Sayur Campur 

Sundrop Orange Juice

Nasi Putih dalam mangkuk. I likee! (apakah??) 

Japanese Taufoo, another fav. 

Ikan Stim.

Butter Prawn 

Nestum Prawn. 

Sunday, lepak again with the girls, and i got to eat my Sunny Hill Ice Cream! Big Yey! 

Photo is taken from Aida's blog. 

Which one is mine? Haha.   

And the final day, i got to tapau 3 bungkus of mee kolok to be taken with me to Kulim. Mee Kolok is from Bimmers, sedap tak hingat, kalau tahu memang tapau 10 bungkus. Huahau. 

Mee Kolok Daging. *Nanges nak lagi..* 

Bubur Pedas, Yukimi Sushi, Ambal, Pulut Sambal, Apam Senyum- Xsempat snap photos, dah hilang dalam perut. 

Beehoon Belacan, Telur penyu, Pisang Goreng Cheese- next trip la. =) 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~ 

I'm six months pregnant now! =) Happy as the baby start kicking dengan kuat and perut nampak cam ombak je. Kekasyfi Hati pon finally dapat rasa the baby kicks on his birthday (1st May). Baby bagi prezzie kat papanye kicking2  and papanye pon so happy with that.

Last week was my appointment with the gynae, doing the monthly scan and doktor janji buat detailed scan, tp x sure jadi ke tidak.  But then since I was in Kuching, I postponed it to today. Sekarang I dah siap, tinggal tunggu Kekasyfi Hati to pick me up and meet the baby. (dia tengah dekat office and hp boley tertinggal kat rumah!) I don’t mind to do the check up alone sebab all this while my check up dekat klinik kerajaan pon I did it alone. It's just that I don’t want Kekasyfi Hati to miss the moment to meet the baby on the monthly scan.

Worklife? Dah tak heavy, sekarang free willy willy ouh.. Tapi, my husband pulak yang cramped time sebab closure date dah dekat. Dia pulak yang stress haha. Haaa, bila la nak merasa dua-dua free neh....

And these photos were taken with my BFFs while I was in Kuching. We hang out for 2 days, 1 whole day lepaking at Miss Azza's office, followed by hi-tea at Sky Café, and another day was lepaking at The Spring-the Spring food court, surau , Sunny Hill and Aida's place. Sembang tak habis kalau dah jumpa mereka. Tak shopping and tak tengok wayang, tapi kluar dr pagi sampai malam. Kalau singgah surau tak sah kalau x sejam. Can you imagine how much and how longgggg have we talked??? Mun isnin ya sik kerja, rasanya sleepover terus dah. =p

Bubbles and Blossoms. I'm membubble and someone is blossoming! ;)

Bubbles and Buttercup. Sian Azza kena ganggu di tempat kerja oleh kami. Hee

Sky Cafe!

With our long lost friend, Baun! BFF time matriks and we share a lotttttttttttttttttttttt of secrets. Haha. 

@ Sunny Hills with Aida

@ Sunny Hills with Azza

I gave them identical necklace from Nichii, and i have the exact same one too. =)

At Aida's place. See my tummy? 

Azza amik aura.

LOVE! Nothing beats the girls day out with these girls, even when I'm married and an expecting mommy.  

*missing them now*

*This entry was written this morning, tapi tak sempat nak tekan publish sebab Kekasyfi Hati has arrived from office and I pon kelam kabut nak bersiap pakai tudung nak keluar. You know my hasben, kalo I lambat sikit bersiap, memang situasi di rumah ni macam polis (he's the cop here)  tgh ambushed kelab malam. T_T   

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

My mum gave me a nice brown jumpsuit to be worn during my pregnancy. I guess she was influenced by the international celebrities who nicely dress up and look super sexy when wearing jumpsuit. I found that jumpsuit is also a replacement of maxi for mommies-to-be daily fashion. 

However, since I was bloated and gained so much weight, I didn’t have the confident to wear the jumpsuit. My ass is too big, and my thighs are enormous. I envy those who are pregnant and still petite as ever, except for the baby bump.

Ok, she's not pregnant, but she's petite and has a sexy ass. 

Spotted, Alicia Keys!  

Therefore those yang still feeling kurus time pregnant, you can wear this jumpsuit. It shows your pregnancy curve and will enhance your baby bump! Sexy yo'll. *Envy mode* (Zati, u shd wear one!)

Masalah hanya satu, susah sikit kalo nak ke toilet.  Heeee.

Sekian, Kamsahamida~!