I'm entering my 8th week of pregnancy! Still shocked, even we've figured out bout this 2 weeks ago. Seems my 2012 plan turns to be 2011's, and we're preparing ourselves to be a good parent, Insya Allah. 

Pic from Google.

I never expect I'm going to be a  pregnant lady even i was late for my period for about 3 weeks. I thought it was caused by stress or whatever it is. My weight stayed static even i was on strict diet and even went for Pantai Kerachut Hiking, a week before I'm doing the UPT. I even booked for Herbalife set sebab nak kurus! Hohoho. 

After waiting and waiting, on 21st January finally i did the UPT and found out the 2 lines. I was confused, and kept checking at the box to confirm it. I told Kekasyfi Hati, and his response was like, "Eh, macam mana boley ter-pregnant nie?" Cesssssss, sabo je lah. Sendiri mau ingat la. Haha

After we went to clinic and confirmed everything, we're more than happy! Syukur Alhamdulillah, the expected delivery date would be on 14th September. Baby, baby, please keluar after raya k. Mama nak beraya dulu nak makan banyak-banyak sebelum confinement.  

I've no idea on pregnancy thingy. Zero knowledge. Tak ada kursus pra-kehamilan ke macam dieorg buat utk kawen ke? Please pray for me. Hope everything goes well. Aammin.  

Sekian, Kamsahamida~
I woke up this morning with some arbitrary thoughts.

You know, most of us have been staying in our comfort zone for a long time. Well, I am. Since we’re young, we were sent to school, and forced to study hard to excel in examinations. UPSR, PMR and SPM, we strived for it and continued our study to the next level, matriculation. Then, we pursued studies to university, obtained a scholarship and after graduated, worked in a well known company, earned big money, bayar hutang kereta, get married, compete with colleague, earn bigger money, bayar hutang rumah, struggle in work and earn bigger bigger money, again sampai mati.

Well-planned life? Yes alhamdulillah, I’m one of them. Plain and easy. Nothing to dazzle people at all.

I talked to my husband and asked, “Have you ever thought to quit the job, migrate to other country and start a new life?”

He said that his friend once did that. I’m not sure to which country, but he ended up back in Malaysia and continues working as engineer. I have a colleague who’s doing that thing too. He is an excellent employee, but he gave up his job during he’s still on top of it, (he himself and his girlfriend actually!) migrated to NZ. He gave himself 6 months, if it wasn’t good, he’ll get back to Malaysia for good. So he started his difficult life there, migrating from north to the south, east to west of NZ and living their life there as harvester, ‘pemetik epal and anggur’. From a guy who used to build a computer system in the lab, to a guy working in a farm, interesting, no?

After six months, life still not that good and below their expectation, and their Visa expired; they went back to Malaysia and get a job at another big company, continue working as engineer. Both of our friends flunk at another country but precious experience gained, and that’s something really worth a try!

So, are you daring enough to risk your life? I would, if only I’m not married yet or this company offers sabbatical (still in the safe mode kan?). Hmmmm. People say, resign when you’re at the top of your career, then you’ll make yourself a legacy, just like Tun Mahathir.

Sekian, Kamsahamida~
I was in Kuching at the end of 2010 and early 2011. Before my return, I've promised myself that i will never miss the good food there as I've been craving for them, since my last return. My first day in Kuching started with a morning walk at Waterfront with my dad and followed by scrumptious breakfast at Kopi O Corner. Laksa Sarawak is a great way to start my day, followed by Mee Kolok! What a superb dishes with a nice ambience.

And my third day was filled by food, delicious food. I have a reunion with my buddies, the Powerpuff Girls and I've been harassing Aida's entry every time she reviewed and posted the photos from Dellize, a new hot spot opened in Kuching.

1. Dellize

Upon our arrival, we took out the camera from our handbags and started clicking the shutter. The food, I mean pastries at the display rack was definitely voluptuous, even we haven't tasted it. See your self, feast your eyes. Mouth watering, no?

Strawberry Truffles and Chocolate Truffles. 

Fruit Pie for only MYR 4! 

Pastries, pastries. 

Apple Crumb Pie

Then we're seated and started to do the ordering. The ordering took a long time as we just couldn’t decide what to eat, there ARE too much  choiceSSSS and we couldn't make up our mind, till we saw a pair of girls beside us keep munching the luscious food in front of them. Then we decided to have these.

Healthy Prawn Salad with orange splash 

My smoked salmon. Sedap nya! 

Cabonara! OMG, sumpah sedap~ 

Eh, apa nama meal tok aa? 

We're coming for hi tea, but we end with all these. Hi tea la sangat! 

They were  all yummies, heavenly yummies! And to add more joy to our day, the meals cost us farrrrrrr cheaper than the expected. Highly recommended place, and don't be surprise when the waiter hand over the bill. Murah!

PurPLe LaDy with AidathePinkGoddess 

PurPLe LaDy with Azzaheavenlystunning! 

2. Kim Bay, The Spring

After bloating our stomach with meals at Dellize, we went off to The Spring, your one and only source of MAC  just to fill the time and jalan-jalan. Window shopping, gossiping and outfit trying-that were our activities when suddenly Aida said she was craving for Boiled Coke with Lemon and Ginger! Azza and I were just "BOILED COKE????"  sambil melangkah masuk ke Kim Bay.

Yes, it's a canned coca cola that was boiled on fire with ginger and lemon. Dare to try? Refreshing drink, with a light taste of ginger and awakening lemon, to make you fart all day. Haha.

I go for Purple's Dream drink, and Portuguese Tart that i miss so much! KFC tried to produce this last month, but it was sucked! 

Kamu tahu tak tahap kesedapan Portuguese Tart??? 

Lotus Puff for Aida 

DimSum for Azza. (Lupa amik gambar) 

Then we I have a bowl of porridge with shredded chicken and century egg. Yummy! Best porridge ever, better than McD's. And now when I'm back in Kulim, i'm craving for Kim Bay's chicken porridge, every morning!  

3. Lung Leong Seafood, Top Spot Kuching. 

We had our small family dinner, together with my sister's fiancée.  Our Muslim Seafood stall that we usually dine in was closed on that day, so my father opt for this. Eating Chinese style seafood in Kuching is definitely a MUST, in term of the price and wonderful taste. Nyummm!

My abah, dapat bakal menantu Yeo's Clan terus makan kedai Cina. Ceit! 

Just engaged! Eddie Yeo and Naffa Yeo. Eh, perlu ke tukar surname? Haha


Kerang mahal gila di Kuching. Price from MYR 6 per kg! 

Gamat or Sea Cucumber. I loveeeeeeee it so much!!! Tapi bila jadi minyak gamat, I hate it the most! 

*Nak kulit cantik mulus halus, sila  makan sup gamat banyak2* 

Crayfish @ Udang Karang at MYR 75 per kg. 

Lobster at MYR 65 per kg. 

Ours was RM50 for 3 lobsters. 

Lobster tadi. Grilled Lobster with Butter. 

My all time favorite. Japanese Taufu Chinese Style

Midin Belacan, MUST TRY! 

Ini la sup gamat tadi, kalau geli, sila order Sea Cucumber Soup. Haha. 

Ambal masak cili kicap. LIKE! 

Crispy Fried Oyster Egg 

I habiskan the last one. Phewww. 

Sampai kat airport Penang, husband tak kenal dah bila nampak dari belakang. Punggung melebar.

Sekian, Kamsahamida~ 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~ 

Sorry to take a very long time to review on my wedding dress. Aina@Mrs Qimie, anonymous and anyone else yang dah lamaaaaa gila tanya, hope this entry fulfills your request. =)

My wedding dress was mend by 2 Chinese lady, an Indian guy and touched up finishing by my Mum. Not a designer, but the tailoring was superbbb! Even my mum and sisters dekat Sarawak pon I suruh hantar baju kat sini. The boutique of Classic One in Kulim was run by Liza, who is also responsible in designing my dress. She's the one who give the idea of the veryyyy long and big train, and the big PINK bow at my back.  Most of her ideas were inspired by the HK brides, therefore my dress is quite English-ish as I prefer something different than that long kebaya. 

While we're discussing, Elline her partner sketched the design and get the measuring. She also did all the material cut, the important step in order to get the lace at the right place. Then, all the pieces of fabric will be send to an unknown Indian guy who is responsible for the patches and sewing.

I sent them the material end of February and prefer it to be done by April. Surprisingly, they managed to complete the dress in March! Mereka tak sabar ke I yang tak sabar? ;p

This is the dress without a beading, yet. 

I love the patched roses at the waist! 

The cute lace stripes. Initially the heavy beaded lace stripes was the plan, tapi mahal gila kot for this 4m train.

And the big bow at the back. It was hooked to the dress. 

Then later, I just asked my mum to do the finishing, add beading s for extra. Classing One can do it as well, but I just want to reduce the cost. Thanks to my mum, siap tangan seliuh sebab kena timpa  patung tempat gantung baju, and that takes 2 months! 

Terpaksa di lipat dua sebab terlalu panjang. 

The bottom of the dress

The crystals on the dress was bought when my bestie, Aanna and I went to Sabah for the bachelorette vacation in April. It costs me a lot though, for just a minor part of the dress.  

This is the details on the bow. Zoom the photos, then you can see how it was hooked to my dress. 5 hooks in total. 

And these poses are purposely done to show off the bow. 

Bahana train panjang, jalan kena buat macam gini. 

I purposely request the huge train just because I want to pose like this, badly! Mesti posing macam ni dekat tangga kaca di library itu, nekad dari dulu lagi.  =)

My fav! 

But this is the MOST fav!

And now, the dress is opened for sale. I prefer to sell it to the bridal boutique. Mail me for the price and it comes with the groom's suit as well. =)

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

P/s: Entri ini sempena our half year marriage anniversary! =)