This explains why my blog has been abandoned for a longggg time since i started working.

My daily routine, workdays:

5.00 am: Woke up, Session 1 Pumping
6.00 am: Subuh Prayer and direct feed to lil Nasuha
7.30 am: Take a bath, start preparing for works. Sometimes start working at home, check emails, doing some updates.
8.00 am: Direct feed her again if she awakes.
8.45 am: Reach office, breakfast in cubical and start working.
11.30 am: Session 2 Pumping
12.00 noon: Lunch and then continue working
5.00 pm: Perform Asar prayer and Session 3 Pumping
6.30 pm: Back home and direct feed Nasuha
7.00 pm: Bath, Perform Maghrib and start cooking for dinner
8.30 pm: Direct feed Nasuha again
9.00 pm:  Dinner time
10.00 pm: Direct feed Nasuha, again and continue office work. (Pathetic, I know.)
12.00 midnight: Direct feed till she asleep, and myself, either sleep or continue working.

This only applies when i'm working in KM, sometimes when they required me to work in Penang, pukul 9 malam baru sampai rumah. Lagi pathetic.

A lot to be shared, but i just couldn't manage my time to do it so. Till then. Sekian, Kamsahamida~