This photos are supposed to be my Wordless Wednesday entry, but was postponed due to overload workload yesterday. 

Did the monthly checkup last week, and i've gained another 3 kgs. Gosh, every check up i'll gain +3kgs, surely kena with nurse at Klinik Kesihatan this weekend. As long as baby sehat, ok kan?

We nearly can see baby's gender but suddenly the legs were overlap. main hide and seek pulak.

Ok, Sekian Kamsahamida~
Ipad is such a phenomenon. Everyone is very excited to have one, and i've been aiming it since it first launched in malaysia last December. I've been thinking of it, and collecting money to have it in my hand.

However, i need a concrete reason to convice myself, why i need one.   

Cool? nope, I didn't buy things just to be IN with latest trend. 

For blogging? I can always blog thru my lappy or phone, tapi seksa sikit la.  

For the sake of my child learning usage? Yes definitely, tp awal lagi kot. I think apple will come out with ipad5 dah time tu. 

Ohhh yes, i need one whenever i'm stucked in rain macam 2 days ago. nak masuk rumah xda payung dalam kereta, so tggu la sampai hujan behenti. Nak bukak lappy besau gedabak sangat, browsing thru hp kecik sangat. ok, found one reason, tp x solid.     

Erm the most solid reason would be, senang nak bawak ke manat2, macam nak jumpa vendor renovation rumah, boley tunjuk gambar thru ipad, jumpa tailor boley tunjuk design bg lebih clear. x perlu print photo, and save our environment. Kan kan kan?

Tapi after surveying baby stuffs, tak jadi beli ipad la. Mahall gila barang baby zaman sekarang. Tengok rega breast pump lagi, menyamai ipad kot!

Baby, later if you dah besar and read this, tengokkkkkk, ma x beli ipad sebab nak beli barang keperluan kamu!

Sekian, Kamsahamida~


Sekian, Kamsahamida~

I think I'll be back with entries. 1st trimester just passed and I'm getting better and fatter by day. 

The worst 1st trimester experience would be the last 2 weeks, after I joined some volunteering event that involved rentas desa. Even I tak sampai masuk paya bakau macam orang lain, tapi walking with the sun on top your head dah cukup memeritkan. Balik je dari program tu terus muntah melilah sampai ke pagi. Seriously tiring, tapi cam best la pulak. 

Another incident is 2 days after the rentas desa, my left foot terperosok pulak dalam longkang tepi kereta. So I pun jatuh terduduk but luckily my ass has gotten bigger, fatter and much comfier so bila jatuh tu takde la sakit sangat. Bleeding tak da, so I assume semua ok (terpengaruh dengan drama).  Insya Allah.  Next check up would be on March 19 (my birthday!) at my gynea and March 27 at Klinik Kesihatan.

As for now, there's nothing I could not eat , bagi je, semua I makan. Thanks to my best friend Azza for susah payah brought me Pizza Ria and Jagung Ligo all the way from Sarawak. Muah muah! And the others who always satisfied my appetite needs.

Gigantic me, and this was 3 weeks go. Ada hati nak pakai kebaya, siap terbukak-bukak lagi butang. 

Tired? Yes, extremely! And people around me noticed that I always ran out of breath. Jalan sikit tercungap-cungap. Sebab pregnant ke sebab overweight, I don’t want to know. I'm now officially 60kg (yey, gigantic Aifa!), and have started sorting and renewing my wardrobe.  No matter how big my size would be, let me enjoy every moment of my pregnancy! =D

Don't worry, I'm still waras, ni costume untuk persalinan pengantin. 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~