Welcoming 2011

I'm now in Kuching, husband-less, actually since last Thursday. Back for my sister's engagement (the review will follow) and for the food hunting. I just realized I didn’t do any 2010 wrap up and life plan for 2011.

Let's review my plan list for 2010. Hmm where is it? Tak pernah nak re-read sepanjang 2010 lepas. 

1: Vacation with friends- April! -DONE
2: Getting married at 25! =) Upcoming July, insya allah.- DONE, alhamdulillah, we're happily married!

3: Moving to our sweet Casa Prima. -Cancelled. Kekasyfi Hati change job from Penang to Kulim, so we decided to rent out this apartment.
4: Change to a new job role which I can enjoy more. -DONE, accidentally. Lost the previous job due to the long term impact of 2008 economy crisis, but being offered a job which I always want to do before. 
5: Prepare for the 2011 must do list. Yes, my partner and I always plan a year ahead as we believe everything needs money. -DONE planning, work in progress. 

Seems 2010 has been VERY kind to me, alhamdulillah. Looking forward to 2011 and my plan would be

1.Everything would be better than 2010.
2.Spend less, earn more!
3.Prepare for 2012 must do list. There're  two things  in my mind, aminn. ;p 

And again,

Hope everything goes well. Manusia hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan. Allah always know what's the best for us.

Sekian, Kamsahamida~ 

3 doll(s) whispering:

june said...
January 2, 2011 at 8:37 AM

Yg still in mind tu sure baby.. Gegege... Good luck!

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...
January 2, 2011 at 8:44 AM

heeeeeee. hebat kak june! =)