Yey, I got my organizer last Sunday. It's a place for me to scratch all notes, appointments, to-do-lists and everything related to my wedding. I found this site while reading comments from Hanis Zalikha's blog, the entry when she was huha-ing about the needs of an organizer for herself. Coincidentally I'm looking one for myself too and there's a sweet girl leaving comment bout her selling cute organizers from Japan there. So, there the deal started.

My old handy-book where I scratched my engagement plans previously and sketched my engagement dress design. Must keep! as all memories were there. 

I wasn’t expecting that it will ship dierectly from Japan, even when the girl quoted me the shipping charge is RM10 for the parcel to arrive in 2 weeks time. *Sakai nye rasa*

Here you go… my wedding organizer..

Go on a trip? Highlight that to kekasyfi hati! ;p

Notice the date? ^__^

She was kind enough to send me caramel chocolates as free gifts as well. Nyum2. Thank you Aminah!

See the other design of the organizers that caught my eyes and were in my top lists. Love the pink with white lace!

Oh, did I tell you that she'll be selling different items every month? Do check her blog for more details.

Sekian, Kamsahamida.

FurFLe Notes: Tak sabar nak bawak organizer time jumpa photographer and wedding planner next week. Yey! =)
All inclusive fare- Tax and Service Charge. (Unless you want to check-in your 15kgs luggage)

Plus, lodging will be provided too.


Siapa baca wajib beli. Nah, click here. It will direct you to AirAsia.

Sekian, Kamsahamida~
*terms and conditions apply*

FurFLe Notes: Paksaan. Haha.

Sekejap je dah popular macam Hani Tarmizi. Dengarnya Encik Aduka dah serah diri kat balai and dia boleh kena denda sampai RM50k! Hmm, kalau dia ada nuffnang kejap je die leh bayar denda tu.. Traffic ke blog dia mesti meningkat super duper laaaa.. Rugi kalau dia tak register nuffnang.

Sumber gambar from Ezany-kun's blog.  

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

FurFLe Notes: Satu lagi cara nak naikkan traffik ke blog, tapi boleh kena lokap. 

Wedding is not about the ceremony itself. Note that most of the brides prepare themselves for the wedding day and neglect the importance of the 'moment' after the wedding. Therefore, if you're gonna be the bride, prepare yourself a year earlier, inner and outer parts of your body. 

My weekend is fully packed with all wedding preparations, even though it is still 5 months before the big day. Meeting wedding dress designer, jewelries hunting, (which I ended up buying wedding ring which is not supposed to be in the list!), fabrics hunting for both akad and wedding dress and etc etc.

One more things is surveying sexy cute lingerie to be saved for the day. It's too early, I know, but I'm looking for a Corset Bra set which Blair Waldorf always wear underneath her ballroom dress in Gossip Girl! Despite how slim you are, I think it's better you still wear the corset underneath you wedding dress to make sure your curve looks sexier! and juicier.

I couldn't find any Blair's photo wearing the corset, so you must watch Gossip Girl to see it!

I went to La Senza, Xixili, and a few others lingerie shop but couldn’t find one like Blair's. Until I entered Minoshe and found this collection of Black Rara! Oh… they are so Blair's!!! Love it. 

Source: FB Page of Black Rara

Black Rara is brand new label set up by a local singaporean lingerie company with a history of 30 years. The essence of Black Rara is the tantalizing mix of feminine confidence, composed sexiness and quiet audacity that embodies the cool demeanor of the modern woman who boldly flaunts what she has.


Classic 40s and 50s draped satin, kitsch 60s, 70s Sexy golden age charm. Reinvent a vintage look not just within a decade but a mixture of few decades.

Childish Charm

The childish charm captures the doll look, lots of trims, fun tiers and frills. Accessories with lots of ribbons and bows. Its all about a feminine woman living in a little girls' world.

Again from Black Rara's FB:

Wear it like never before. Black Rara's ultimate PUSH UP function gives u a natural cleavage to the fullest. With special side panels support and additional paddings to give u that extra enhancement. Our corsets are wired and boned to reshape your figure under your dress or tops or even as a top by itself. 

Ok, Sekian, Kamsahamida.

FurFLe Notes: Nak survey La senza KL pulak. Any other lingerie yang ada corset bra anyone?

I cant stop my tears while I'm writing this. One of my baby has just gone. And yet, he is my adorable Adam. =(

Woke up late than usual, I was about to go to work when I detected something fishy when there were only Aidil and Zerro crying for food. Usually Adam will meowing too, even with his soft spoken voice, I can still hear him calling. But today, it was totally different.

Then I saw him lying helplessly in the box with his favorite blue towel covered. I called him, no response. Again and again, finally I heard a burppp from him. But he's still not moving. I did what I should as a career mum-send emails to my teams saying that I'll be late to office due to some emergency matters, cancelling my 10am meeting which I should chair, cancelling photoshoot for the company(bak kata Kim Kardashians-I dont feel cute and sexy today!) and postponed everything related to work stuffs.

I called the doctor, send her sms, but it could not get through. And the vet centre will only open at 10 am. Disappointed, I tried IM-ing my cat lovers friends, asking for advices on how to deal with this situation. Comfort him, keep him warm, talk to him- I did everything while waiting for the clock ticked to 10.

Finally, it was 10am! I drove immediately to the nearest vet. With all the sad songs on the radios, the tears poured heavier. That time, I realized Adam was not responding at all, no moving, no burping, and no breathing. At the clinic, Dr Rodziah confirmed that Adam has gone. Trembling, shaking and ripped! I cant see any suitable words that could describe myself that time. So I drove back and sobbing all the way long.

I'll wait for kekasyfi hati to bury him. I still miss my adorable Adam, and I don’t know whether I could be with him during his funeral this evening. Tak sampai hati. *crying* Aidil is also crying since this morning when he realizes that he's all alone by now.

Good bye Adam. I love you.

FurFLe Notes: Mourning Friday. Adam has just gone. =(

Hello Readers,
Tickets to Premiere Screening of Tooth Fairy for 2.

Date : 25 January 2010 (Monday)

Time :9.00pm

Venue : TGV 1 Utama

Seriously, it is free. No need to be my follower, no need to link me at your page. Just leave a comment here and I’ll withdraw your name and see how lucky you are. Leave the comment before 9 pm today. Oh, make sure you can attend the screening. Good Luck people!

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

FurFLe Notes: Thanks Nuffnang for giving me the tickets. Is this a violation if i give to someone else?

Reading Aida's blog is just like a call for me to express my own words to write on this issue. Harap-harap tak kena ISA because of writing this entry.

Hani Tarmizi's issue in Facebook tersangatlah popular minggu ni. Semua saling meng-tagged and menyebarkan issue nie among the Sarawakian. Agaknya kalau dalam Google Analytic nanti, dia lah manusia paling cepat popular mengalahkan Memey Suhaiza. Fast rising people award from Google.

Itu lah bahana facebook, more to -ve when everything is too transparent. Suami isteri boleh bercerai, anak boleh tak mengaku bapak, kawan-kawan boleh bergaduh, bertunang boleh putus, and segala yang tak pernah diimagine boleh berlaku akibat facebook nie. Syabas Yahudi!

Ni baru issue between Malay and bumiputera. Belum lagi if issue yang melibatkan keagamaan dan bangsa Cina and India. Before ni I as Sarawakian pernah jugak didiskriminasi macam nie, just that time facebook tak popular lagi among Malaysian, so takde lah tersebar sampai macam nie. But who knows, issue sensitif sebegini ada hikmahnya. Because of this, my relationship with the Chinese is stronger, more than the other Malay. They see me as unique, because I didn’t discriminate them like others.

By the way, issue pandangan negative terhadap Sarawakian bukan lah something new dekat Malaysia. Memang ramai yang anti Sarawakian girls. Dah wujud zaman bapak I study dekat UKM lagi. That's why wujud Persatuan Mahasiswa Sarawak kat UKM that time and my dad was the club president. Issue perempuan Sarawak seksi2 dan sosial pon memang patut diakui oleh semua pihak, even my kekasyfi hati sendiri pon beranggapan macam tue. Mentality orang kita susah nak ubah, but to blame all Sarawakian girls slut and bitch is a way too harsh and rude.

I think Kelantanese pun selalu kena issue macam nie, kan? What can I say, sabar je. Jangan balas dengan kata-kata yang memperbodohkan diri sendiri dan bring keretakan perpaduan among Malaysian. Ingat I nak jadi menantu orang semenanjung tak kena diskriminasi ke? So people, orang marah, kita senyum. Kataaaaaa nak 1Malaysiaaaa.

Sebelum 1 Malaysia:


Selepas 1Malaysia:

*Credit to Loctor Mayat for sending me this a month ago. Original full article and photos can be viewed here.*

Hati-hati meninggalkan komen. Sekian, Kamsahamida~

FurFLe Notes: Rindu zaman ber-friendster.

Di alih bahasa ke bahasa Melayu:

Ringtone Jai Ho berbunyi di hp Sony Ericsson ku. Tengok skrin, oh, atuk-nda tercinta.

Atuk: assalamualaikum! Aku dengar ko nak kawen. Bila?

PurPLe Lady: Bulan 7 ni tok…

Atuk: Lorrrhhhh, awat tak cakap awal2. Aku bulan 5 nanti..

PurPLe Lady: *Speechless* Lidah kelu, muka tergamam.

Selamat pengantin baru to my grandpa tercinta. =D

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

Dear friends,
I don’t have the wedding card yet, but I reveal the date for everyone's convenience on flight booking. My big day will be on July 4, 2010. Therefore I'd like to invite everyone of you to be with me to witness the most meaningful moment of my life.

I help you to survey the tickets to Kuching. Price is as on January 12.

MAS: From Kuala Lumpur-Kuching-Kuala Lumpur : RM 278
*Same price applicable if you depart from KL on Friday.

AirAsia: From Kuala Lumpur-Kuching-Kuala Lumpur : RM 181

*Same price if you depart from KL on Friday.

AirAsia Direct Flight: Penang-Kuching-Penang: RM 252
*Back to Penang on Sunday

AirAsia Direct Flight: Penang-Kuching-Penang: RM 168
*Back to Penang on Tuesday

Let me know if you need help on the flights booking. 3 Days 2 Nights Homestay for unmarried guests will be provided by the bride. =)

Love from the bride to be.
Sekian, Kamsahamida~

Kenny Rogers Roasters celebrate RED on 13 Jan 2010 - marking it a significant day by giving out a *complimentary Kenny’s Quarter Meal with purchase of a Kenny’s Quarter Meal for those who visit KRR restaurants with any element of the colour red (you could have red lipstick, red cap, red shirt or red head band). It will be a day that people can mark on their calendar to remind them to take the opportunity to eat healthy!

Come to Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurant nearest to you and enjoy this gift of health!

*Terms & Conditions apply

Kulim tak bukak2 lagi Kenny Rogers. Nak-nak pergi lah ke Perda. Kena makan Makcik Ani Rogers ayam golek tepi jalan depan Bank Muamalat la untuk melepas gian. Sama je roasted chicken, cuma ada perisa tambahan dr asap kenderaan.

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

FurFLe Notes: Kalau Red 'di dalam' dapat tak?

At last, ada jugak gadis micro-e batch yang masuk 2004 berkahwin! Memang dah dapat diagak memang die ni yang akan kahwin dulu. Mana tak nye, dulu dalam kuliah kelas micro-p Encik Imran PGL, dia sibuk mem-plan nak kawin tunang time besday laki die, kawen time besday die. Tapi tu la, bukan senang nak kawen ikut date macam tue, semua pihak kita kena kira. Last2, 8 Januari la tarikh akad nikah mereka. Alhamdullilah, selamat jadi wife orang dah Cik Natrah nie.

Maka, perkahwinan yang wajib dihadiri ni pon diadakan dekat rumah pengantin perempuan di Manjung Perak. Mula-mula kami ingat nak picnic sambil berfoya-foya di Teluk Batik, tapi kurang mendapat respon yang baik dari budak-budak di selatan. So, kami pon p balik hari je lah.

Gambar-gambar dibawah ditujukan buat tatapan Cik Youmie yang berada di Dhaka. Sikit je gambar nye mi, kami pon x taw nape kurang bergambar kali ni. Maybe sebab ummi x de kot? Heee.

Pintu gerbang tempat pengantin sampai. I assume mereka disambut dengan kepingan petal rose sbb nampak banyak kat lantai. Kami lambat sikit, that’s y tak sempat tengok.

Ni haa pengantinnyaa….Berseri-seri! Kenal dari skolah lagi tue. Tengok la pelamin tue… Sape leh lawan ke-besaran kerusi tue? Memang maharaja sehari la..

Kami yang datang dari jauh menjadi dayang-dayang dan hulubalang setia. Tengah tunggu turn nak bergambar.

Budak-budak lelaki micro-e dari utara.

Gadis-gadis unimap dari utara.

Haruslah mengambil berkat pengantin baru. Aura nye skali.

Yazid share-share experience ke tue? Heeee, awalnye. Nat? Jawab.

Controversy! Radzi akur natrah kahwin dulu dari die kot. Dulu mereka saling tidak menggemari, berbaik pula di hari perkahwinan cik Nat.

Kita terjah pulak ke bahagian dalam rumah. (That’s why kekasyfi hati tak suka pergi kenduri dengan i. Semua benda I nak tengok.)

Bilik tidur pon ada unsur-unsur maharaja and maharani.

Hantaran from maharani to maharaja. Buat sendiri. Unik kan?

Hantaran from Maharaja to Maharani. White2 suci. Sgt suka!

Yey, akhirnye bergambar with the bride. Pendeknya daku. Congrats cik natrah. Semoga berbahagia ke akhir hayat. Jadilah wife yang solehah and hormat kat suami. Moga dimurahkan rezeki. Eh, even ko pregnant sekarang, ko still leh lagi g wedding aku bulan 7 nanti. =)

Ni gambar selingan tidak bertujuan memalukan gadis yang baru menjangkau umur 25 tahun semalam.

Mak datin pulang dari kenduri.

Tapi di stesen minyak dekat rumah kenduri, tak pasal-pasal jadi gadis pelayan McD.

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

FurFLe Notes: Teringat-ingat lagi sambal tempoyak di kenduri ni yang disangkakan telur yang dimayones kan. Siap cari roti lagi sebab ingat tu isi sandwich! Haiseh.

My Kekasyfi Hati was resting on his bed after a long trip to Manjung when he suddenly heard some suspicious sound from his closet. Curiously, he headed to the it and was ready to hit on whatever making the noise.

But he found these two! Auuww, so cute.

Knowing there was a giant creature in front of them, those two seems so intelligent by throwing the act-like-Puss In Boots -in Shrek-innocent-look to Kekasyfi Hati. They looked at Kekasyfi with their big round watery blue eyes, asking for forgiveness after messing around in his room.

How blissful your life is after getting to know these two adorable creatures ARE in your room for a whole while? For the record, white-orange is always our dream cat!

Couldn’t resist them, Kekasyfi Hati immediately prepare the box with comfy towel for them to sleep. We also rushed to the pet shop nearby to get all everything necessary for the kittens-milk, litter box, sand with lemon scent, etc. Then he put them back to the place where their mother left them, waiting and hoping she will return.

Unfortunately, after 1 day and a half waiting, she still didn’t return and look back for her children. Pity those two. They didn’t even know how to drink their milk from the container yet!

So, we decided to adopt them. We brought them to vet and check their gender, before we can name them. And it turned out that both of them are male, again. So, Edward and Jacob? Nah.., could not be as they didn’t like each other. So, what's their name then?

It's Adam and Aidil!

Aidil: Seriously, very protective! If he woke up and found out that Adam wasn’t in the box, he'll meowing angrily until we put back Adam into the box. Refuse to drink the milk until Adam drinks it first. Very shy and humble. It was really hard to take his photo!

Adam: Vain and what a camwhore! It freezes whenever there is a camera, as if his pose is ready to be captured. Active, social, and love exploring everything . Plus, Sangat kuat makan.
Tengoklah his photos yang banyak!

Told you, he loves camera!

Love them! Tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan Adam and Aidil pagi tadi. =(

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

FurFLe Notes: Zerro is being hospitalized now.