Sarahsayangjiman tied the knot.

I was in Perlis on last Christmas to attend Sarah's and Moose's wedding. It was my first time ever to attend blogger's wedding and it excites me, but not my Kekasyfi Hati. He was asking me all the time, "kenal ke orang tu?" "boley ke pergi" and bla bla bla. We departed from Kulim quite late and we reached Perlis at 3pm. With my camera's charger was nowhere to be seen, I dropped by at Aanna's crib to borrow hers.

The postcard wedding invitation. Nice!

When we reached Ocean  Glow, we were amazed with the blue and green crowds, just like the attire theme that Sarah stated in her wedding card. The guests were sporting enough and your truly also wear a green baju kurung on that day. Green ok, untung sapa yang berjaya tengok saya pakai hijau. =D  my least fav.

See the tema warna there? 

We walked along the walkaway to the Ocean Glow and notice the paper lantern hanging on top of us. Cantikk and gigih la you Sarah! Loveeee themmmm to the max~

Photo time balik, that's y ada doorgift.

We were welcomed with the gamelan music and sangat gemersik . And then we spotted Sarah and her husband tengah mingled with the guess. Again, Kekasyfi kept on tanya I, "kenal ke? Kenal ke?" Haha.  Her dress caught my eyes, lovely! 

Before we met.

Blue is the bride side, green for the groom side.

And we greeted her , congratulate her. She is a super nice lady!!! Baik hati sangat-sangat,even my husband said so. Borak-borak sikit, selamba I tanya baju dia dari mana, (coz it was so lovely!) amik gambar, and she asked us to eat first. So we find our spot and left her to mingle around with other guests. 

Finally! =)

Deco superb. (Excuse for the bad angle, this is almost 4pm dah)

Green apple in a glass! Rasa nak curik the grape~

Makan beradap arch. Cantikkk!!!

Wishing tree~ 

Centerpiece. Hebat kan semua ikut tema?

Wedding cake comel!

Photo-boothing. Nak join, tapi malu. 

Gamelan, from Unimap kan Sarah?

The exclusive doorgift! LOVE. Kekasyfi Hati siap nak amik lagi skali, tapi kena babab dengan I dah. ;p

Before we left, we met the couple again, and dapat rasa kebaikan hati dia lagi. Meet her mum, salam2 and her mum pon super nice! No wonder Sarah pun lovely jugak~ ! Her mum siap cubit2 and usap2 my chubby pipi lagi. Tehee. =)

Congratulations Sarah and partner for the wedding.  Sumpah everything was perfect as planned and everyone said so. What a beautiful wedding!

4 doll(s) whispering:

Aida The Pink Goddess said...
December 30, 2010 at 8:21 AM

nothing bets white for wedding!

Yup she nailed the every detail!

Hazzy Ishak said...
December 30, 2010 at 10:10 AM

ni kat kuala perlis, pernah buat dinner kat situ waktu belajar dulu.hehe

sarahsayangjiman said...
December 30, 2010 at 3:16 PM

thank you for the lovely post! thanks tau sebab sanggup datang jejauh...sorry takleh borak lelama lagi...terharu sangat aifa dpt datang.. :)

oh gamelan tu dari skolah menengah putra.

ElyaElmo said...
December 30, 2010 at 11:40 PM

suka ngn centerpiece tu..nice