Moose's wedding

Ok, I supposed to go to Moose's wedding, right after attending Sarah's. We were on our way to her house when suddenly we sesat and could not  find the track. Actually tak sesat, just tak sure kenapa tak jumpa-jumpa lagi landmark dekat map tu, padahal jauh lagi ke hadapan.

So dipendekkan cerita, Kekasyfi Hati tiba-tiba perlu singgah ke toilet dengan urgent so we just dropped by at Masjid Hijau kat Kangar sana. While waiting for him, I was googling the right way to Moose's place when I suddenly I saw a couple of bride and groom doing outdoor photoshoot at the masjid.

I noticed that the bride's bouquet was yellow-whitish and they were posing like a blogger-bride-pose. (You CAN TELL whether that bride is a blogger cum blog reader, or not kan?) I was like, 'Moose ke tu ek?' and sebab tak nampak sangat muka, I pun ragu-ragu whether it was her or not.

Bila Kekasyfi Hati selesai urusan di sana, I asked him to tanya Jalan ke address ke rumah Moose kat couple tadi. Moose dengan semangatnya (ampun Moose!) bagi direction and suddenly my husband tanya, "Pengantin ni nama ape ye?" Haha. And she answered and the rest were history.

Another 25 December bride and groom. 

Moose, you're super tall!!

Funny gila! What a coincidence, and after jumpa and amik gambar, kami tak jadi g kenduri sebab dah jumpa pengantin and tak mahu sesat lagi. Funny, seriously funny~  

Congrats to both of them! Moose, you're the most energetic bride I ever met. Energetic and happy. =)

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Moose said...
January 2, 2011 at 1:14 PM

sorry aifa, baru baca entry ni. omg so funny boleh jumpa dekat masjid out of all the place kan?

nice meeting you babe!