After received A tons of complaints from my friends about my jeans, finally I get a new one today! The last time I bought a pair was 31st August last year, and my size that time was 29! (oh, no wonder my jeans sgt londeh bila dipakai.. Heh.)

So today, my fiancée and I (both of us are on AL) spent our time together as both of us have different agenda on upcoming July weekends. While waiting for Transformers movie to start, I went for jeans hunting and finally got myself a very good one from ESPRIT.

Pengakuan: Oh, usually I memang pakai jeans murah2 saja-APPLEMINTS,VOIR. Semua I beli time 70% discount. Don’t worry, this is my VERY first time. Kiamsiap kan?

p/s to Miss Anna: aha..aku dah TERbeli. semuanye pengaruh ko!

yey. i'm now in size 24~

Then, we went to buy Big Apple's duran durian since I received a good review on it. how's it taste? For me, nothing special. Ok la, sedap. But cannot compared to Secret Recipe's Frozen Durian Cheese cake. That is heaven!

photo grabbed at somewhere

Sedaaaappppp sangat sampai rasa nak menangis!!!!
(K Mo0ney, sila jangan gelak!)

What a great weekend I have! I've never know that one weekend without my fiancée will be this great. (Sowi2!) Mr Kasyfi went to KL to visit his sister whose car has just get bumped. My day ended staying in Penang at Najah's place after a don’t-know-what-to-do-in-Kulim weekend. So, our activities are:

1.Makan durian Penang!

Durian RM1o with byk gler ulas!

Enjoying the durians soooooo much!

Anna, Aifa, Najah-the main characters

2.Of course, Batu Feringhi Nite Market. To buy pirated DVDs as I'm so lazy to download the whole season.

Our parti buih. Menepati piawaian x? Hee

3.Dinner (or should I say supper coz it was 11.45pm already?) at Restoran Kapitan

I think this name appropriate with the effect of the food. Haha

4.The most exciting event of the nite, Karaoke-ing!!! Nyanyi sampai terkeluar anak tekak~

Awal2 lagi. Malu2 kucing

35 minutes later. heh.

Songs of the Day (which I can remember la..)
1.Bila aku sudah tiada (Hujan)
2.Matahari (Agnes Monica)
3.Because of You(Kelly Clarkson)
4.Aku Stacy
5.Seiring dan Sejalan
6.Backsteet Boys'
5.N sync's
7.Tak Ada Logika (Agnes)
I think we sang more than 20 songs that nite~

We headed back at with everyone tired but happy and continue karaoke-ing in Najah's Car. But the day didn’t end so well to Miss Najah as she suffered from tooth pain. Sakit sampai tahap she nangis and terus sembahyang! (to Najah: dah cabut ke gigi tue?)

The next dAY:

Miss Anna and I planned to headed back to Kulim immediately after we woke up. Who knows we ended up with staying longer in Penang? Miss Anna left her handphone in Najah's locked room and house. Where's Najah that time? She was attending Kursus K and will finished at 3pm. Apa lagi, with limited money+Miss Anna x mandi+Miss Aifa pakai tshirt tido, we headed to Queensbay dengan jaya nya. These are the hasil of the day!

Variety cheap packed Sushi from Jusco

Takoyaki Tao! nyum nyum. Super delicious~

Latest collection to my under the bed handbags. LOEWE! i Like~

Loewe official website, spanish luxury brand specialized in high quality leather goods and accessories since 1846 with stores all over the world

Isn't she super gorgeous?

Tired. But soooooooo happy and puas hati! Friends, our next plan?

OUR in this entry would be: Anna, Najah, Yus, Kak Ecah and ME. =)

To Zerro: Sorry sayang, mummy have to extend my trip and forget you there without enough food and clearing you poopoo.. Aunty Ely kan dah bagi makan kan? Tq kak Elly!

No No. This is not about Mc'D. Thinking of that, I've not eaten Mc'D since December last year. Oh. Oh. Pat on my back perhaps?

Today, my colleague (Loctor) came over to my workbench and handed me something. Guess what is it?


I'm touched by his concerns.~ It's great to have a friend who noticed on your problem and do something about it!

Let's open it.

And first try~ =)

Reveal my face without any make ups. No foundation, no lotion, no compact at all.
A BIG thank you Loctor. You're my Mr Santa! =D

See, my dark circle getting worse until my teammates make fun of it. Notice the dark circle on the balloon??? Heh. Jahat!

Since there will be a lot of big days coming, I share some tips and key learning for those who'll change their status soon. Happy for you guys! =)

1. Make-up artist

-Don’t be a tikus makmal! Make sure your make up artist has met you before the day so that he/she can imagine how to color your face during the event. If you have extra budget, maybe you can ask him/her to do some demo testing on your face.


-Use your own make-up product !(especially face powder) Some of the skin will not blend together with certain products, therefore your skin will not look flawless as usual. Jangan salahkan mak andam pulak!

2. Dress and Veil

-Never never never mix chiffon dress with tudung bawal. Seriously, your upper body and head will look keras and frozen! Lace and bawal should be okay.

-A big DON’T to CHEAP OLD FASHIONED tiara worn together with tudung.
Not rhyme together la for the examples. Tons of them but I didn’t dare to put it here. Nanti kene saman lo.

-If you plan to wear veil, make sure you wear simple tudung so that your face will not be overshadowed by your tudung-yg-meriah+veil yg kompom meriah.

For me, this is crowded enough. Sorry to say.

3. Family

-Make sure both family know the event flow so that they can COORPERATE VERY WELL during the event. Lagi2 the opposite side of the family. Senang sikit nak bergambar family tuuuuee~
-Get one to manage the tentative of the event. MUST! iF not, your majlis will chaos and forgot something somewhere. Like my engagement earlier, we forgot to cut the engagement cake! Kesian Uncle yg sponsor.

4. Hantaran

-Double check everything especially cakes that you ordered. During my engagement, my was-boyboy ordered Secret Recipe Cake to be one of my hantaran. And guess what? They delivered a cake which read " SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN SHILA!" on it. Oh my god! Luckily my sis-in-law tergerak hati to check on it.

5. Photographer

-Talk to your photographer before the event. What you want him to capture, how you want your big day photos will be. Ask him what you want. You have the right since you pay them~ (Photographer2 sekalian, jangan la marah)

-If possible and within your budget, hire a secondary photographer. 1 person will not able to capture the whole moment. Trust me. I experienced this and luckily have a friend to do this for me with a low pay. (He said he's a beginner, but I think he did a great job) Tq Eus!

6. Yourself

-Pampered yourself 2 weeks before your big day. (1 week is acceptable tho)
Scaling, sauna, body scrub, facial treatment; all these must be done before the big day. Don’t make it too late because you'll never know what unexpected things that will happen upon your big day arrival. ;p Me myself keep postponing all this and end up with body scrubbing only!

-Don’t change your environment. Like, usually you sleep in fan-room, then a few days before the big day, you sleep in air-cond room. DON’T! This will effect your skin. Trust me. Akan jadi x cantik! Seriously~

-Do not hesitate to ask for help for your big day preparation. Don’t overdo everything or else you'll look so tired, kusam, not energetic on the day. This will spoil and ruin everything.

-Do not do extra workout 1 week before the event. Save your energy for the big day. Or else you will end like me. FEVER on the nite of my engagement. =(
Lastly, on the day, SMILE! And be yourself. (Unless u kawen paksa la.. )There will be a lot of candid photos on the day, so if you're known as muka-x-reti-senyum, better START smiling now!

Baby pon taw senyum. =)

Dearest my great abah, Haji Ahmad Bin Haji Sedek; Happy father's day! No pressie for you but my love for you is everlasting! You're the most dashing and charming guy I ever met in my life~ I love you soooo much, more than anyone else.

Where would I be without you?
Your unconditional love taught me it was okay to be myself,
Your help and advice taught me how to handle whatever life might bring
and your confidence taught me I could do everything!

-from Father's Day card that I copied from Popular Bookstore ;p

Some of our time together that I can remember clearly:

1. Age: 4 years old- Abah 'tipu' me saying that the great choki2 (homemade; that he made himself!) only available when there's a rainbow outside. I pon percaya, and tunggu rainbow keluar while he buat choki2 tu kat dapur.. cute!

2. Age: 16 years old- Our maid balik kampung, so abah took leave and stay at home. AT the same time, I was too lazy to go to school because ada test Kimia and Fizik which I sgt2 x suka. So I stayed at home and we cook together. We tried to cook something different and successfully cook nasi arab. nyummy!

3. Every public exam I sat (UPSR, PMR and SPM), he always took leave 1 month before until my paper ended and stayed at home to teman me study. He also send me to school (even I can drive my own car during F5) and bring me lunch if I had to sit 1 whole day paper because he afraid that if I ate outside food, the chance to kena food poisoning during exam is quite high.

4. I'm this Aifa because of him! Alhamdulillah.

What else can I share about our memories? Endless list.

I love abah so much and couldn't bear if someone try to hurt him. Happy Abah's Day!

Fiancee pon tgk dengan jeles dekat belakang. ;p

Ooohh, I hope I can love fiancee more than abah before our wedding.xmo jd isteri derhaka. =D

Yesterday,10 PM okay. 10 PM!

I took ma fiancée to clinic as he had a very high fever. Then, Cik Anna called me.

"Eppa, ko ader kat rumah x? Aku nak bg ko durian nie~"

Oh.. Pucuk dicita, ulam pon datang! Betul ke?
I've been craving for durian since the musim start here. Balik Pulau durian and Junjung Durian was one of the famous durian for the whole musim. I remember for the past few years, Singapore Prime Minister bought a Balik Pulau durian that cost him RM12K! And that durian was send over using our PM private jet! Oh.. How crazy is that?

Then, how crazy is this? 3 girls eating 6 BIJIK (Bijik okay, not ulas) of durian for supper. Habis, licin! With the weather condition in North Region now, I didn’t recommend you guys to do this. Or else you will end up like me.

Return home at 12++.
Stomach ache.
Cannot sleep until 3.30 AM.
Woke up late.
Kaki kejang.
Late to work.
Super Dizzy and Sleepy.

~hmm.. Macam lepas minum arak sampai mabuk on weekdays!

But, there's one good outcome from this. Got this new blog layout! I've been doing this for the rest of the nite and I pick the cupcakes as the main theme. =)

p/s: Waiting for Penang people yg ada dusun durian to invite makan durian at their place. ;p Anyone? Heee.
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1. Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan:

~Mitsubishi Triton 3.2 in White!

~Furniture for our new apartment
~Female cat for Zerro
~Eye treatment at Nature beauty worth rm700+
~8-features weight scale!

2. 5 alasan terhadap pilihan tersebut:

~Mitsubishi Triton 3.2 in White!-ma fiancée and I both like this. Gagah. Perkasa. Sign of Power.
~Furniture for our new apartment -save cost! so that the money can be dumped on our wedding
~Female cat for Zerro-oh.. Zerro really need 1.
~Eye treatment at Nature beauty worth rm700+- see my eyes!
~8-features weight scale! -I need one for my weight maintenance

3. 5 impresi terhadap orang yang anda minat

~Beriman-Jaga sembahyang! =)
~Family type
~X berbulu

4. 5 perkara hebat yang pernah anda lakukan

~Stick together with the same guy (without any scandals!) and getting engaged wif the right man ;p
~Walk at Qbay mall on the pay-day for 2 hours without buying anything. (But on the next day, hurm…)
~x balik kuching for 8 months!
~drink plain water 7.5 liter per day!
~drove to KL from Kulim within 3 hours

5. 5 ciptaan yang paling disukai

~Seluar yg attached with mini skirt
~Corset yg berlengan panjang
~Kompas Kiblat
~Donuts and Cheese! Credit to those who create the recipe~

6. 5 perkara yang dibenci

-Budak Sarcastic
-Selfish-I mean the 1 way person. It's all about her! Everything!
-Non-family + not homey type of person. Sorry la. I x suka~
-Bodoh sombong. -especially yg combination of appearance DAN perangai x cantik. Envy someone tp sanggup find the other way round to compete with that person semata2 x nak praise that person. Hard to explain. I'm sure Aida akan faham. Rite dood?
-Negative thinking person. VERY. Example: Erm Malas la nak story.

7. 5 orang yg hendak di tag

Mo0ney Rosalinda
Ely in The House
Queen Wizza
More photos available here.
Feel free to sign the guestbook for easier contact on our wedding later. =)
As I promised earlier, here are some of the EXCLUSIVE engagement photos of mine. =) I'm too tired to type and share the stories behind, so let's just view the photos. Oh, I shared my Watikah Pertunangan too. (coz it can be copy paste)

Sesungguhnya Surat Harsat (MOU) ini telah dibuat pada 5 Jun 2009 bersamaan dengan 11 JAMADILAKHIR 1430H di antara MOHD NOORKASYFI BIN MD SHARIFF dan SITI AIFA ZAFIRAH BINTI AHMAD dimana mereka berdua berhasrat untuk mendirikan rumahtangga dalam masa yang terdekat seperti yang dianjurkan oleh syariat Islam.

Dengan ini, sebagai memenuhi adat Melayu Sarawak pihak lelaki bersetuju untuk memenuhi syarat berikut.

Tanda bertunang-RM80
Buka mulut-RM50
Duit Hantaran Majlis Perkahwinan – akan ditetapkan kemudian

Sebagai cenderahati MOHD NOORKASYFI juga menghadiahkan barang-barang hantaran yang merupakan sebentuk cincin pertunangan, senaskah tafsir Al-Quran dan beberapa barangan yang lain.

Mereka berdua juga akan
melansungkan akad nikah setelah SITI AIFA ZAFIRAH khatam Al-Quran yang telah dihadiahkan.

Dengan ini diperturunkan tandatangan kepada Watiqah ini oleh kedua-dua pihak dengan dipersaksikan wakil masing-masing.