The title is a little bit exaggerate. It was just a thankful gift from one of the club in the company where I worked for. Thanks to Loctor for giving me this big surprise in the staff meeting and make me blush for the rest of the day. ;p

Own thought: "shiok woo. Pics taken by the photographer. Printed and Framed some more. Dapat $$$ some more… hoho"

Flower-love by IKPVC (Note: purposely blurred)

Resembles to any portrait??? *Perasaan Perasan* I think gambar Rani in Kuch Kuch Hotta Hai that Rahul placed dekat rumah, alaaaa..-the one yg sgt besar dekat dinding, the one that she wore blue punjabi…-look like this. Ring a bell? Spark the image in your memory? I tried to google that portrait, but x jumpa. Huhu.

This one also can what...

By the way, I'll be heading to Johor tomorrow (my boyboy's hometown). I'm thinking apa yang hendak dimasak at my wanna-be mama in law's place.. Insya allah. Sesi ujibakat skill memasak, mengemas rumah, melayan tetamu dan berkomunikasi dengan org yg lebih tua are the MUST have ritual and yet, I didn’t prepare anything. Good Luck for myself sajalah... Pray for our safety yah..Dadaaa~

P/s: 1 May-Happy Birthday to Kasyfi! Celebration? Later~

I'd like to recall the statement which I stated earlier. I mean this statement..Haha.

Tuesday: Aerobic/Modern Dance Class from 8.15 p.m to 9.15 pm. Yes, I did signed up for this class middle of April and so far, I like to be here. I know, it is a long way to go to catch up on the steps, but I'll try harder to soften my body. I can consider this as lite activities only.. BUT at least it PROBABLY burns my FAT… ehe.

Last nite, I'm sweating and exhausting like HELL during the ~ Cikgu trained us in a HARDCORE way. As if she had read my purple notes earlier! But I'm really amazed by her stamina even though she's quite old. Untung suami cikgu…. Stamina kuat, body cantik… fuhhh...

Ada aura sehati berdansa x? ;p

I was looking for Word of the Day and Thought of the day to be shared in Toastmaster Club and I bumped onto this page.

It's quite interesting actually.

Of course, before that, Al-Quran is our first priority rite? Then, the books listed here are so irresistible so my boyboy and I immediately rushed up to Borders Qbay to purchased the books. (besides to reduce the income tax~ ehe) We ended up buying these 3 books.

1.Beautiful boy

-This title sounds so gay~ Haha. I knew about this book from Oprah Winfrey show. As if the fate really destined me with this book, I accidentally watched this Oprah's episode 3x! I was amazed on how the father, I mean a MAN who willing to express his feeling to his son. Not the ordinary feeling expression, but the full of love, hope and support for his son who was a critical addict! Currently I've read half of the book, and it seems touching, loving and make me miss my abah so much~! I wonder if abah will did the same thing.. ;p

Beautiful boy by David Sheff

2- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Management punya buku lor… I've not started reading this yet, but I read the synopsis and found out that this habits really related on my work life. No wonder my boss is one of the trainer for this class… Read this book first, later if got budget, then can sign up for the class. Hee..

7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R Covey

3-Rich Dad, Poor dad

My boyboy owns tis book and he insisted to buy this A LONGGGGGG time ago. But I told him.. Wait..wait until April.. WHY? So that can reduce your income tax.. Huhu. Kedekut saja~

And now, I'm looking forward to buy TWEAK. It was written by the son of BEAUTIFUL BOY writer and I found out that this book is more interesting because it was wriiten from the addict's standpoint and his journey and experience during the addiction.. How he involved, with whom did he date..and more secrets that his father never included in his book-obviously because he didn’t know. Huhu.. Can't wait!

TWEAK by Nic Sheff

Sorry for not updating the blog since.. Erm, Forever I should say.. Actually I'm quite busy as I have daily activities to burn up my calories and FAT in my body… Listed here are my INTERESTING to do list for the whole week that I'd like to share with you guys.. ;p

Monday: Badminton Session from 9 p.m to 11 pm. I usually stop after my body sweating like hell (my shirt can di-perah like washing machine does the spinning.

Tuesday: Aerobic/Modern Dance Class from 8.15 p.m to 9.15 pm. Yes, I did signed up for this class middle of April and so far, I like to be here. I know, it is a long way to go to catch up on the steps, but I'll try harder to soften my body. I can consider this as lite activities only.. BUT at least it PROBABLY burns my FAT… ehe.

Wednesday: Malay Dance/Culture Dance and Floor mate Exercise with 1.5kg dumbbells. The same place at Celebrity Fitness Studio Noor Aini actually.. Haha. Very typical malay name but the cikgu is very2 lincah, cergas and what more should I say… sexy! Haha. This place is prohibited to the boys/men, so we can wear anything we like~ I love this!

Thursday: Badminton again. 6pm-8pm. I play with some office frens for our healthier life. Eecce.

Friday: HARSH Badminton session. 4.30 pm-7pm. Haha. Why did I say harsh? Because I play with my office team who are very kejam and no way to tolerate with girls during the game. But I like the way they treat me because from here, I could improveeeeeeee a LOT of my badminton skills. I remember the first time I play with them… so Su**ks! And everyone who partner with me, 100% we'll lost! How soi I am that time.. I even accidentally torn out my pants during the game because of my fat ass..Huahua. No need to eleborate more. *Malu* But that was a few months back~ Today, I learnt a lot from them… They make me chased and run for the shuttlecocks, smashed to the floor and a lot more. I love playing the Friday game! Ehe

Saturday: I usually spent up time with my boyboy during weekend. If we're not WALKING and strolling at the mall, we would go for jogging at Hi Tech Recreational Park. Not only jogging, he also trained me on sit-up, punching versi silat (there's REALLY a PROPER technique!) and some more arms exercise, purposely to shrink my arms. Huhu.

Sunday: Sometimes my boyboy and I jog, sometimes walk. But yesterday, I found a new GREAT place and activity. HIKING! Yeah, and the place is…. I'll reveal in the next entry. Huhu.

Ok, now you guys know why I'm not writing my purple notes…

Teaser: See the latest pics of me: Welcome to 4x kg Club~ I like. I promise will do some sharing on you guys later… (for those who think I've lost my weight la.. for those who're not, stay away! shhuh shhuhh... =D

My sweetheart, Zerro P Sheffield will turn 1 year old this 19th April! I wonder what he wants for his birthday. I think he would be happy if I get him a wife (or even a prostitute should be fine for him?) Haha. Gatal! But, because of the economy crisis that effect my financial (alasan), so I couldn’t afford to buy him a wife. Anyone who interested to let his/her cat to sleep or should i call it one nite stand with my Zerro can contact me directly. Oooohhh Zerro!

My almost 1 year old baby.. He misses her aunty Nana. That's y kurus a little bit than before.


Just started to learn on how to climb the window

I still want the LV carrier for Zerro! It is so cool~ You can see it by Jessica's expression when she's walking around carrying the LV Pet Carrier. Proud, confident and elegant!

Cool~! I love it!

O yah. I watched Shopaholic movie last week. I thought that after watching the movie, I'd be more careful on spending my money. However, it turns around! Becky Bloomwood had really encourage or influenced me to spend more. Therefore, immediately after the movie ended, my foot stepped into a lot of shops and bought more clothes. Bila la nak berjimat nie? Haiyoooo~

My friend also has forwarded me this site which owned by one of my officemates. The clothes and handbags sold here are quite nice and the most important is they were cheap!! So, for those who are interested can register as a member and don’t forget to put this code as your referral code. Hee =)

Referral code: 8ddb30f09b
p/s: I'm thinking to free Zerro away.. But I'm not sure whether he knows the way back home if I let him free around my taman...oohh.. I dunno..~
28 March 2008

My sis's boyfriend came over from Johor and we (My boyboy, my sis, her bf and I) planned to go to Paris for engagement shopping. Because the place is famous for LV and other branded handbags (Coach, Anna Sui) so my aunties had pesan air liur (luckily sudah bayar) a few handbags for them bergaya. Actually to show off to one another. Hehe.

Look.. I bought LV handbag for my Aunty Anne.

(I noe the yellow label means it is a fake, just ignore it)

She pesan this actually and the bag which I bought cost me RM250. (original price rm2500 and above). This design is also inspired by the combination of these two original bags which is available at LV webpage.

Eh, did I mentioned Paris just now? Oh, my bad. It was just Perlis. +) Flower-love's dream! Actually we went to Padang Besar and surprisingly, the stuffs there were above expectation. Hoho. I wonder if Malaysian celebrity fake their branded handbags by buying them there. Here are some hasil titik peluh after 3 hours shopping. I still want to go there, AGAIN! So if you guys want to pesan, better pesan awal2. hoho.

We borong all the Anna Sui's! Crazy~ I wanted to buy more but.. Money la! Haha.
(Back there: The one that I'm holding is Bonia's handbag. Nice.. and cheap~ That was also for my aunt)
28th March is also Asob 18th birthday. Welcome to early stage of adult world. Enjoy watching 18 rated movies! Huahaua. Today was also earth hour day. I was expecting the whole town will be filled with darkness, unfortunately typical Malaysian will always be Malaysian. The whole town was enlightened by lights! X penah tengok iklan di tv or radio or what???? Cacat tangan, buta mata and pekak telinga. *Sigh*

This unclassified pose is dedicated for my just-turned-18 sista~ =)