And I don't wanna miss a thing

An nyoung ha seh yo!
It was my first time visiting people during Deepavali as I don’t have much Indian friends before, not because of I'm racist, but there are very less Indian in Sarawak. This was an impromptu plan, (again) and I was lucky when accidentally invited together since I was working late in the lab on Friday.

We decided to gather at Venkat's house at 1 pm and have our lunch there. Since most of us WILLINGLY working on Saturday, we gathered at workplace first before headed together to Venkat's.

+*Tips of the day: Amik gambar sendiri sebelum keluar rumah sebagai rujukan pandangan mata orang lain terhadap kita kerana pandangan mata sendiri di hadapan cermin selalu menipu.*+

+*The drawing on the floor which I forgot to ask the name of it*+

+*And of course, photo taking with the one who celebrates. (did I close my eyes here?argh, spoil!)*+

+*Re-take 1-Malaysia photo. I wished Venkat "Selamat Hari Raya" upon my arrival*+

+*Man to Man talk. So gay!*+

+*Haha. Super-hungry showed on their faces. 'Rangkak' la you guys*+

+*The dishes served on the day. Nyum-nyum But don't ask me the name*+

+*"Sila la makan,jemput make (versi Kelantan)" kata James.*+

+*Master Wen Siong is the organizer!*+

+*Okay, I just realized James was eating with bare hands! Congrats kawan! Clap. Clap*+

+*The guests. Anti Clockwise from 9: Prak Yut, PuRPLe Lady, Kak Kadi, James, Wen Siong and Lukman. I wonder when can we gather like this again. Hmmm.*+

+*Now Venkat is in. He's a vegetarian, so he couldn't’t eat together with us. Sorry friend, we're such a troublesome for you.*+

+*Wah, ala-ala DSLR effect. =)*+

+*Kerjaaaasama wonderpets*+

+*Their homemade kuih raya. I love the kuih ros!*+

+*And of course, I finished the whole makmur and kuih ros! Haha. =D*+

Thanks Venkat for the superb lunch!

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

FurFLe Notes: Where is my sleeping enzyme? HELP!

7 doll(s) whispering:

AiFA Cho-CHang said...
October 19, 2009 at 4:21 PM

oo ok. noted. thanks. hehe

cik pinky,
haah, xley tdo sejak kul 3.30 pagi. jeles tgk muni tdo sokmo

ezany said...
October 19, 2009 at 10:26 PM

kalau cik aifa pakai sari mesti lagi happening.. hehe..

AiFA Cho-CHang said...
October 19, 2009 at 10:38 PM

hehe. bahaya tue pkai sari.. xreti. ;p

eLy said...
October 20, 2009 at 10:35 AM

sedapnye tgk makanan.. tiba2 rasa lapau plak.. ekeke

AiFA Cho-CHang said...
October 20, 2009 at 10:51 AM

k ely,
tgh lapar jugak nie kak ely. nak makan kat satay house tpt kegemaran ira ngan wan tgh hr nie. ehe