Disclaimer: This entry is written a few minutes before I can buka puasa.. Wooh! (Tapi xpe, depan I skrg pon Muni selamah and Ira tgh makan burger! Keldai! Keldai!)

As promised, this is the entry for food version of previous Jalan-Jalan entry.

On Saturday's nite, after sun-bathing at Teluk Bahang, we planned to eat at the famous Crab's place at Kuala Juru. However, because of the stupid incident at Queensbay Mall, we're late for that place and ended up eating at Char Kuey Teow Highway at Permatang Pauh. This place is famous for its Char Kuey Teow (of course) and I heard that people who're traveling from north to south usually will stop by here for its specialty.

There're not much photos taken on that day because we're SUPER DAMN HUNGRY and can be cannibal anytime. On that nite, we ate Satay Ayam yang sedap + Char Kueh Teow + Nasi Lemak. Yummy! We're also happened to buy durian at the gerai nearby since me and Anna cannot resist Durian! Hee.
Planned to go for a second round-Abang E Capati but we're too exhausted for that.

Char Kueh Teow RM 3.00 (ada udang ada kerang-I LIKE!)

aa.... I LIKE the one with kerang coz I cant eat prawn~

Personal Review: Char Kuey Teow Sg Dua Telur Ayam Dibasuh is better in term of taste, but the gravy is quite cair.

For Sunday's lunch time, we headed to that famous Ketam's place at Juru. This place is just behind Juru Autocity, which I never imagined there is still wujud a perkampungan in Penang!

Yohoo! The famous crab's place!

Seducing Mr Crab! This is a serving size for two actually.

The happy boys of the day~ Their faces reflected the taste of the food!

Khusyuk nya my fiancee makan..

Our side dish of the day~ Pedas tapi sedap!

Have you ever heard of Limau Kasturi Azira or 923 (kot)? My wajib ordered drink!
Anas said: Tissue...

With pelancong of the day-Najah

The tour guide-Cik Anna. Thanks babe~

For a crab-lover BEGINNER like me, I would recommend this place because of the sweet and hot gravy for the crab. Nyum! I ordered Ikan Siakap Bakar as a side dish (actually I'm allergic to crab) too, but I ended up membaham seekor ketam! Allergic pun biar la..

On the way balik Kulim-stuck in heavy traffic at Bukit Mertajam~

Usually the crab is bigger than this... Ikut musim bulan mengambang.

Total cost for our lunch (6 pax) =

Ketam 8 ekor

Ikan siakap bakar 1 ekor

Nasi putih 7 pinggan

10 gelas air bermacam-macam jenis

=RM117 or RM20 per pax!

p/s: My next target would be Mee Udang Sg Dua and Mee Sotong Hameed Pata.

My last weekend activities are....

Hang out at Anna's place (Kulim Perdana too) on Friday nite, attempted to watch p/s I LOVE YOU, but I ended up sleeping until the end of the movie. Later, I was questioned about something which I couldn’t remember and then suddenly refreshed by that and we were gossiping for the rest of the nite. After 4.30AM, semua pon dah habis digosip, kami tidur until 11.30AM. What a great weekend for a single life!

Ya, Ya, I know this movie sudah wujud for ages!

When Loctor Mayat texted me on that morning asking me when I was free for the photo shooting, this was popped in my mind. "Tidak! Mesti Muni marah nie~" I went home from Anna's place-shivering as I didn’t know how to spill that news to Mo0ney Selamah. After practicing the dialogue while showering, I got the courage to tell her about that. UNEXPECTEDLY, she laughed out loud and said I'm silly. Luckily, she didn’t mind! Tq Muni! Hee.. (penat susun ayat tuee~)

So, these are the hasil of that day. Please vote for the photos. Thanks guys!

Theme: Hungry for More
Submitted by Loctor Mayat
(I cant be a good model cause I kept smiling!)

Theme: Not sure but let me put it this way (Husband loves his mistress more than his wife!)
Submitted by :That sleeping guy

In prompt to activity! Sorry for those who're left out. The original plan was to go walking at Sedim's Top Walk trail, but my fiancée wanted to go for swimming badly. (Layan kan saja lelaki itu) So, we went Penang and fetched Najah at Qbay and headed to Teluk Bahang for our mandi-manda. Reached there quite late (around 6.30pm) and air pun sudah sangat pasang. So, kami mandi dengan kurang puas. It's okay, lain kali pergi lagi-with proper plan!

Excited jumpa pantai!

The sun is still there-enough time for swimming

What a rare view- Najah in PINK!

The guys of the day

Destiny's Child of the day. Hee~

Apakah yang ko cube terangkan tu Cik Anna?

Jom la kita buat L.O.V.E!
Mr Aifa: Xmo2. Sik mok!
Tidak menjadi KERANA Kerjasama itu penting!

Finally, our L.O.V.E!

P/s: Pending entry on Makan-makan for the weekend because of Purple Lady tengah puasa. =)
A friend of mine told me this a few days ago.

"Everyone pernah curang, it just depends on how serious it is"

Hereby, I add a few,

"and how far the partner could accept it"
So, who is that guy?

Uninvited creature on my bed

Purak2 x bersalah- with his always-innocent-face

To Mr Aifa: Dear, jgn la nebes. Dun worry. Sape suh baca blog org curik2. Pastu xmo ngaku lak.. Weck! ;p

Itu Bukan Aku - Pretty Ugly

Telah cuba sedaya upaya
untuk sembuh luka
namun masih lagi kau tak terima
katamu itu dusta

Mereka hanya cemburukan kita berdua
mustahil ku menduakan dirimu
kau segala galanya
woo ooo

Dah berkali ku bicara
masih tak percaya
itu bukan aku
kini kau sudah berganti
kepada dirimu
ku dilarang kembali

Tak pernah ku salahkan
dirimu atas semua
ku cuma dihasut dan
kau cuma sangsi
dengan kesetiaanku

Siapa harus kau dengarkan
ku atau dia
dimana letak diriku ini
di mata atau di hati
woo ooo ooo

I'm positively sure I should not do this, but I was eager and so excited to show these to you guys. This content will spoil my reputation but it's okay, I take it easy~ haha.

I got a new jersey(S) for my sports activity! Yey~

Soft Pink short sleeve ADIDAS jersey for ladies
(which I need to find white inner for it. Damn! Money again~)

Baby blue long sleeve jersey for ladies from ADIDAS
(ignore the adidas logo at the shoulder there, I wear tudung.)

How much does it cost? What can I say..? It's LESS than RM 50 for BOTH items! (You cannot get this price at Al Ikhsan) And what I like the most is, the labels printed as "MADE IN SINGAPORE"! Not Indonesia, Not Thailand or what-so-ever. So, kalau ye pun nak beli fake, choose the high quality one ok?

Everyone will think you're wearing branded things once you build your reputation and class.

No one will notice you when you don’t have that but wearing all those expensive stuffs.

Siapa yang tidak mahu dipuji, kan?

For me, make yourself elegant first before buying or wearing something expensive and elegant.

Oh, how much I love cheap-but-look expensive things! So Fake, but I don’t care. I LIKE! +D

Thanks Loctor Mayat for the FREE amazing-resume-studio photo!

How much the chance of being hired if I stick this photo in my resume oo? (thinking)

p/s: 3 things that I didn’t buy fake: MAKE Ups, SKIN CARE and PERFUME. Note that!
And Again, FurFLe-ian, PLEASE Love yourself!

I should blog about this a long time ago, but since my July weekends were fully occupied with activities and traveling-and my fiancée kept complaining bout it, this was the only time I managed to steal my own time to write this. And AGAIN, my entry falls into makan-makan and jalan-jalan label. Alhamdulillah, as Malaysian, I am proud that Malaysia has a lot of food! LOTS! LOTS! LOTS of it!

Miniature of KL Tower

So, where's our food destination now? KL? Is this Menara KL? Oh no. This is just Menara Alor Setar, the miniature of Menara KL.

We started the day with our in-car breakfast. While pumping up the petrol, I went inside the shop to grab some food. And what did I ate? A cup of Curry Maggi. Enough for a 1 hour plus journey to Alor Setar from Kulim.

Arrived there almost noon. After fetched Asob at her college, we straight went to Alor Setar town to begin our food hunting. The target was Nasi Lemak Pak Abu or Nasi Lemak Royale, BUT BUT BUT the luck wasn’t with us. The warung closed on Saturday. Frustrating!

We ended up to full our stomach with fast food. The chosen one for our lunch of the day is RADIX FRIED CHICKEN or RFC. The healthier version of KFC! With confirm-halal organic chicken, the taste was almost the same as KFC, except the herbs part which is lightly can be tasted in the chicken itself. And, they don’t have the seductive aroma like KFC. You know that aroma I'm talking about rite? KFC should patent it laa, just like INTEL patent their theme sound-ten ten ten ten...

3 Aszanese in North Malaysia
RFC is just an orange version of KFC and the food are halal toyyiba and healthier.
Price? Slightly cheaper of course!

They even have their own sauce and ketchup. Also, Radix Cola!

Sorry, we're too hungry and forgot to snap any photo of the food before.

Next destination is Menara Alor Setar itself. We actually planned for sight seeing only and there's no intention to eat there. Later, we found up that the ticket for sight seeing (RM6) is almost the same like you're eating up there. (Going up to Restoran Berputar is free, but you must ordered something there) So, for the greedy us, we decided to have our tea time there.

What did we eat for our hi-tea? A set of Steamboat for 4 person which cost us RM36 for 4 pax. Bloated with all the heavy flow food plus the dizziness eating at platform yang berputar~

We were placed at the first table. First customer of the day maybe.

The sun shines brightly and directly on our face. I recommend this place for a DINNER, not hi tea or lunch time!

Still, we enjoyed eating!

with the miniature of miniature of KL Tower

I know that we should stop eating after that steamboat, but what's the use of going to Kedah- Perlis border without enjoying the food at Kuala Perlis? Left only Mr Aifa, Arin and me, we headed to Kuala Perlis to satisfy our needs. Yuhoo!

Variety of fish to be your chosen one. Chosen two also can lah!

From ketam to kupang, just get them here. FRESH!

Look for these teens when you come here. Their mum's cooking is HEAVEN!

Close up for the seafoods

Me and Arin, while waiting for our habuan of the day!

Mr Aifa said: "yey! makanan dah sampai!"

Irresistible teh ais at Perlis -my sis said the taste of Perlis iced tea is different from other place. yakah?

The best part of the day! -ikan siakap bakar Kuala Perlis (RM27) cicah air asam super sedap and sotong goreng tepung super crispy setengah kilo! (RM7)

*Rasa nak menangis beberapa minit before makanan habis sebab sedap sangat.*

Belching! Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppp! Alhamdulillah and Thanks God! =)

Disclaimer: WE in this entry are: Aifa, Muni Selamah, Ira Joyah, Kak Ely and our driver cum photographer-Nizam.

Photos taken by: Nizam's D60 and Aifa's Leica-wannabe ;p

Sight-seeing in Malacca or Melaka

Headed to Melaka from Shah Alam at 4 pm and reached there around 6+pm. Oh.. It has been ages! I remember the first time I went there was when I was 6 years old, (18 years ago!) and what I can retain vividly from my memory is that, I wore a yellow gown, lepak-ing at Dataran yang ada kereta kuda and berdekatan dengan shopping complex. Later, I was informed that the dataran has been developed to be a shopping complex - Dataran Pahlawan. Sigh!

The dataran had been developed into this shopping mall.. *sigh*

I like-love Melaka because of it Bandar yg sangat terancang. Seriously I tell you! All the shopping complex-hotels and historical places are all located strategically at the heart of the city-Bandar Hilir! Senang kalau nak ke mana2. Eye on Malaysia, Menara Taming Sari, and some sort of the river cruise is just nearby each other.

Kota A Farmosa as the background

Not just that. You should noticed the other shop lots of furniture, lights, fabrics- all are placed at one street for easier shoppers' survey I guess.

Saya tidak mengumpul setem tapi abah saya sangat suka mengumpul setem. Tapi, dulu la.

Menara Taming Sari is behind there

Ok. Back to our activities. Highlights of the trip IS… - we managed to catch up with HOT FM Le Tour De Gerai at the famous Hajah Munah Asam Pedas which is one of Melaka's speciality! Jangan jeles~ Tengok gambar sebagai bukti! Hee.

Blocking the Hot FM's car in order to meet them in person

Tarik AG Hot FM masuk gambar. Tinggi ler awak ni AG!

Faizal Ismail the FBI. Next time datang la kat Sarawak ye!

(FBI was one step behind me aa.. Nampak macam dekat, but that was just the lighting effect keyh..)

Enjoying the famous Malacca specialty-Asam Pedas from Hjh Munah's Gerai

Others photos are our visit to Kota A Farmosa and Eye on Malaysia. RM10 fee to ride on the wheel for 7 rounds-which I didn’t enjoyed because of my height-phobia OR gayat (what's this word in English aaa?)

Eye on Malaysia Malacca-Before the ride.

M0oney pendatang haram sebab tak jumpa IC!

Enjoying the starter. M0oney still searching for her IC.. duh~

Okay, saya gayat. Sekian!

Thanks to K. Ely for the accommodations in Melaka. Len kali kami datang lagi.

Saya suka Melaka! Jom melawat lagi.