Saturday's nite life! not LIVE.

What a great weekend I have! I've never know that one weekend without my fiancée will be this great. (Sowi2!) Mr Kasyfi went to KL to visit his sister whose car has just get bumped. My day ended staying in Penang at Najah's place after a don’t-know-what-to-do-in-Kulim weekend. So, our activities are:

1.Makan durian Penang!

Durian RM1o with byk gler ulas!

Enjoying the durians soooooo much!

Anna, Aifa, Najah-the main characters

2.Of course, Batu Feringhi Nite Market. To buy pirated DVDs as I'm so lazy to download the whole season.

Our parti buih. Menepati piawaian x? Hee

3.Dinner (or should I say supper coz it was 11.45pm already?) at Restoran Kapitan

I think this name appropriate with the effect of the food. Haha

4.The most exciting event of the nite, Karaoke-ing!!! Nyanyi sampai terkeluar anak tekak~

Awal2 lagi. Malu2 kucing

35 minutes later. heh.

Songs of the Day (which I can remember la..)
1.Bila aku sudah tiada (Hujan)
2.Matahari (Agnes Monica)
3.Because of You(Kelly Clarkson)
4.Aku Stacy
5.Seiring dan Sejalan
6.Backsteet Boys'
5.N sync's
7.Tak Ada Logika (Agnes)
I think we sang more than 20 songs that nite~

We headed back at with everyone tired but happy and continue karaoke-ing in Najah's Car. But the day didn’t end so well to Miss Najah as she suffered from tooth pain. Sakit sampai tahap she nangis and terus sembahyang! (to Najah: dah cabut ke gigi tue?)

The next dAY:

Miss Anna and I planned to headed back to Kulim immediately after we woke up. Who knows we ended up with staying longer in Penang? Miss Anna left her handphone in Najah's locked room and house. Where's Najah that time? She was attending Kursus K and will finished at 3pm. Apa lagi, with limited money+Miss Anna x mandi+Miss Aifa pakai tshirt tido, we headed to Queensbay dengan jaya nya. These are the hasil of the day!

Variety cheap packed Sushi from Jusco

Takoyaki Tao! nyum nyum. Super delicious~

Latest collection to my under the bed handbags. LOEWE! i Like~

Loewe official website, spanish luxury brand specialized in high quality leather goods and accessories since 1846 with stores all over the world

Isn't she super gorgeous?

Tired. But soooooooo happy and puas hati! Friends, our next plan?

OUR in this entry would be: Anna, Najah, Yus, Kak Ecah and ME. =)

To Zerro: Sorry sayang, mummy have to extend my trip and forget you there without enough food and clearing you poopoo.. Aunty Ely kan dah bagi makan kan? Tq kak Elly!

4 doll(s) whispering:

najah said...
June 29, 2009 at 5:43 PM

wahaha...aku paling sengal mlm tu agaknye...sbb tu dibalas dgn sakit gigi tahap alhamdulillah dah cabot...yuhhuuuu..boleh p karoke lagi...muahahaha....

FLoWeR-Love AiFA said...
June 29, 2009 at 6:35 PM

hahhaa... naseb baik aku x upload video kan? aku tgk balik gn lappy, segan nak dgr suara sendiri menyanyi! haha.. jom, next!

natrah-ishe said...
July 1, 2009 at 12:47 PM

alololooo.. cian cik najah..
aku paham prasaan korg kaloke tu..
memule mmg malu, pastuuuuu.......

FLoWeR-Love AiFA said...
July 2, 2009 at 11:15 AM

tu le psal.. awl2 bukan men lagi.. biase la. aku first time neh.. hoho. taw2 je nat? dah biase ek?