Ai-Fa, limit your expenses!

There are a lots of things keep popping in my mind. They are all the items that I think I really need and want. So, this entry is specially dedicated to myself, so that I can rethink, reconsider, rearrange and reclassified the priority of everything that I need.

Firstly, let me list ALL the things that I want and need and why do I need it?

-my current jeans are all in size 29. Haha. Giant me for the past few months. Pakai pun semua longgar.

2.Nike Women Shoes (for work ok?)
-my current white Nike dah yellowish. I dunno what goes wrong. And the Stain cannot go away even I brushed it whole day. =( nampak sgt pengotor if I wear that shoes.
-no need to elaborate more. I just think I really need this as the the LAST time I brought BRAs was last December. Euww…
4.Crocs Malindi
-just want to replace my old Crocs-fake-which-everyone-think-original (except Loctor Mayat! Huh~) Haha. She's actually cheap Carrefour bran which only cost me rm19.90. Tapi kan, she's still 'alive' after 1 year woo… Walawei.

Malindi from Crocs. -photo grabbed at Crocs site.

my rm19.90 from carrefour. Hoho

5.Crocs Santa Cruz
-no reason. She's cute! Tet~
6.New pair(s) of Baju Kurung to attend friend'S wedding(S) and engagement(S)
-yeah. I got a few invitation this year, so I may need a few baju to attend those event
7.NEXT pink tops
-she's keep distracting my mind since I saw her at NEXT boutique last week. plus 50% discount some more. I really want this!
8.NEXT purple tops
-no reason. It's just cute~and cheap.
9.Full suit of outfit for dancing class
-I want to look great during aerobic session. Makcik2 pon bergaya lebeyh lagi dari I okay?
-To replace my old one yg sudah being P by Zerro. Immediately I throw it to the black dusbin belakang rumah.
11.AKEMI dream pillow
-Very comfy!!!! Seriously.

Looks comfy kan?

12.Purple and Pink selendang
-To match my purple tops?
13.Plain black selendang
-To match my innocent blouse that I bought at The Curve last-last month. Hehe. Never been worn until now.
14. 2-way-cake compact powder from Maybelline
Of course I need this. Tapi, Maybelline is in the banned list. Hurm.. Let me re-think. Any suggestion for the replacement?
15.Own PC
-To download all the movies, tv series from TOM865 site.? Betol ka tom865? Or tom586? I forgot the name ohh.
16.White long trousers
-To match my white dresses. A lot of white dresses!
17.A few pair of Socks
-Yes. I need. I bought 10 pieces JUNE last year. End of life already loh.
18.DKNY Red Be Delicious
-current one dah nak abes.
19.Pet carrier
-Senang sikit nak hantar Zerro g clinic.
-I don’t have the latest design! The one that I have now was 2 years back.




22.Elianto Blusher
-Yeah, my blusher almost empty. I choose Elianto because it cheap, match with my skin, and easy to apply.
23.Black long trousers
-Current one dah longgar tahap dewa.
24.Vitamin and supplements
-oh..perlu2. for health oo.
25.Laptop backpack
-can be claimed wo! Rm200.
26.Tudung2 cantik di Kelantan or KL
-desire! Sangat cantik and irresistible!
27.Batik Jawa Kebaya..
-Very beautiful. I like the white with pink kain version too. But it costs almost 300. Sigh.

Next step is to dump some of the items to the Trash List. Bye2. sob..sob..


1.Crocs Malindi-bye2. maybe next time. :(

2.Crocs Santa Cruz
3.Full suit of outfit for dancing class-I can still look gorgeous and sexy with my oversize T rite?
4.Bolster-Trashed. Still can hug my Bear2 Pi.
5.Own PC-No need. Just watch from TV.
6.DKNY Red Be Delicious- Aifa, you still have full bottle of PARIS HILTON and A LOT of miniature from Jaguar, Versace etc.!!!
7.Pet carrier -Just use the small cage.
8.Handbags-You just got the Carlo Rino from ur Dear and DKNY from Umi!!
9.Laptop bag-No need. Still can be used the old one. Plus some more, still x jumpa the purple backpack that u see in PISA last 2 years.
10..AKEMI dream pillow-You still can sleep with the cheap pillow that u have rite now. Late for work because of overslept.. jgn kata x boleyh tdo pulak.
11.Tudung2 cantik di Kelantan or KL-xpayah la. Yg beli haritu pon bukan selalu guna
12.Batik Jawa Kebaya-A BIG NO! u have enuff!

KIV Lists.

1.Jeans- check in my sister's wardrobe when im back in June. Maybe they have your size. Just steal from the. (Kuasa Veto seorang kakak.)
2.New pair(s) of Baju Kurung to attend friend'S wedding(S) and engagement(S)-rasanya baju time raya haritu pun baru sekali dipakai. Kain time risik pon x dihantar tailor lagi. Rite?
3.NEXT purple tops-Cheap, but are u really envy that? Does it look nice on you??
4.Purple and pink selendang-Bukan selalu guna pon. Nanti terperap macam selendang2 lain. Lagipon, muka kurg sesuey la...
5.White long trousers-Steal from sisterS! Luckily I have them. Hehe.
6.Wedges- I bet there're a lot of new shoes at my house back in Kuching. For sure, umi, Nana and Asob have bought a Lots in this few months time.
7.Black long trousers-Eh, y I need this tadi haa?

To buy LIST:

1.Nike Women Shoes -Must Buy. See my previous pairs. Pity me! Perhaps I can reduce the standard a bit. Like converting from Nike to Converse? Or just Bata or BUM? Haha.

Can see the yellowish stain?? Yucks!

2.Bra(s)-MUST BUY. Enough said.
3.NEXT pink tops-This top has haunted me for the rest of the week. So, must grab it! Unless there's no more S size… ;(
4.Plain black selendang -yeah, I'll buy to match up the blouse.
5. 2-way-cake compact powder from Maybelline-Dah habis, so kena beli!
6.A few pair of Socks-Dah berlubang2. MUST buy.
7.Elianto Blusher -Replace current yg almost empty!
8.Vitamin and supplements-hooo.. Perlu sgt. To do list b4 marriage. ;p

But this To-buy LIST is not the final list yet. I need to get the approval from my financial advisory first.

p/s: you guys can also help me to reduce the list too. How? By buying the things that I want. If you have do so, I'm sure my interest to buy that things also has been ripped out. Good for me though!

9 doll(s) whispering:

flower-love said...
May 17, 2009 at 8:22 PM

panjang sgt entry sampai byk sgt typo. sorry2

mo0ney said...
May 18, 2009 at 9:07 AM

alop..tgk list sampai bengkak mata2.speechless..nk tlg simpn dlm akaun kak muni pun on

QueenWizza said...
May 18, 2009 at 9:41 AM

same here.
bengkak mata i jugak
pjg gile.

my suggestion is yg mane murah tu beli lah. yg mhl sikit tu rethink balik. hehe.
eh, u wear size 29 b4? gosh. unbeliavable! nmpk kecik cmna size 29? adei. bela hantu ka. hahah.. coz i pun 29 tau sebelum ni.

list pjg sgt smpai lupa yg mane dah masuh trash, mane yg must buy. adeii.

flower-love said...
May 18, 2009 at 9:51 AM

korg berdua,
hahah.. tu ar nafsu besar sgt. so semua benda nak beli..

k muni,
xtgk lagi reply dr my financial advisor tue.. menanaaahh mata weyh. tersemburrrr... hauhua.

hehe. yes, size 29. besau kan? xtaw tang mana besar tue. hoho.sbb tu skrg pakai terlondeh je. haha.

QueenWizza said...
May 18, 2009 at 11:29 AM

wahaha. klaka gile.
menanah mata u. kitorg bc ni jgn ckp la. katarak ok.

jeans tu bli bila rs dah maintain berat.
sayang nnt kalo bli..tetiba turun berat lg. x best le longgar kan.

natrah-ishe said...
May 18, 2009 at 1:25 PM

ko amek jeans aku jela paa.. size 26.. x slesa dh nk pakai.. jenuh kena lompat2.. hahahaha...

flower-love said...
May 18, 2009 at 1:57 PM

huhu.. btol2.. sbb tue smentara nie nak cilok yg sis dekat rumah punyer.. hohoho

haha.. asal? ko dh bertambah size ke? good2.. tahniah. pos jeans ko kat aku! huhu

aidafazura said...
May 19, 2009 at 8:40 AM

pa, the carefour loafers are gorgeous!! i want!!

flower-love said...
May 19, 2009 at 3:18 PM

haha.. murah jak ya bah.. rm19.90. dah setaun dh saya makey.suma urg ingat crocs..(bila dipakey la..) mun dibukak nampak sekda logo crocs. hehe