2 hours at longest shopping mall (Qbay Mall) + SALE up to 70% + just received the gaji + girls only. What else do you need to start a shopping? Surprisingly, not even 1 cent is spend! (except the parking ticket) How amazing is that??? =D I'm proud of myself~

I immediately called my boyboy (he's in KL that time) and told him about my spending-controlling GREAT progress. And he rewarded me with these.

1.Green teddy (His name is Shreddy-Shrek+teddy)

But, why green??? I don't like green. Zerro does!

2.Donuts! A lot of them. Half dozen of Dunkin donuts and 9 pieces of Big Apple. Total 15! But I ate 6 pieces only. (Only???)

3.Orange Sorbet belted trench coat-teen wear( I like!!! Plan to wear it during my Kuching trip next week~)

my one is pink kaler la..orange sorbet is just a brand

Take a look at this picture, and see what we have in common???

Zerro and I =)

Our panda eye a.k.a Dark circle!!!

Anyone know how to resolve this? I've tried a lot of products but seems everything not working.

One of my friend suggested me an eye mask and eye gel worth RM700+ with free 10 times eye treatments. She tried it and her eyes look great!

The problem is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!


Hallow! My friend gave me this link and I found it very useful for us, ladies~ Since 80% of the women are wearing the wrong bra size, let's check this video and determine whether you're in this 80% or the other 20%.

This video is taken from videojug.com

I summarize a few details from this video so that it's easier for you guys to refer.

1. Firstly, measure your band size. The band size is the measuring underneath your breast. Then, if the reading is ODD, plus it with 5. If it is EVEN, plus it with 4.

Example: Band measure as 30inch. So, add the number with 4. So, your band size is 34.

2. Next, to determine your cup size. Measure the fullest part of the bust. Then, subtract it with the previous bust size. Note the difference. This difference will determine your cup size.

-1inch: AA cup
0 inch: A cup
1 inch: B cup
2 inches: C cup
3 inches: D cup
4 inches: DD cup
5 inches: E cup
6 inches: F cup

Example: If the different is 2", so your bra size is 34C. Got it? Simple rite?

One more thing. ALWAYS REMEMBER that 32B cup is NOT the same as 34B! Okay, try it and enjoy~ =)

See what's my financial advisory's reply on my seek-for-approval-to-buy list:

To buy LIST:


2.Bra(s) -APPROVED-

3.NEXT pink tops-Request for justification- Erk????

4.Plain black selendang -PENDING FOR APPROVAL-

5. 2-way-cake compact powder from Maybelline-APPROVED-

6.A few pair of Socks-APPROVED-

7.Elianto Blusher -APPROVED-

8.Vitamin and supplements-APPROVED-

Thus item that have requested for justification will need more clear justification before sign off for approval status or item can be rejected prematurely.

For Pending approval status need to wait until next month revenue report before can be approved by the financial department.

Flower love's note: Ceyh… Reply macam apa je. Hoho.x peduli, I STILL want that tops from NEXT. See, my 26 listed items are now reduce to 6 ONLY!!! *clap*clap

Additional note:
Actually, there's one more item that I'd like to add in my wish list.

TANITA InnerScan Body Composition Monitor+3-Axes activity Monitor
Price: USD134.99

The most comprehensive at-home body composition reading available with the BC-533GL. Not only is it FDA cleared and offers 9 different body composition measurements, but its elegant glass design matches any bathroom décor. Plus, to get her started on the right foot, this package includes the PD-724gl 3-Axes Pedometer. The 3-Axes pedometer gives you the freedom to track her steps by carrying the pedometer in your pocket or around your neck (perfect for summer dress attire), and also includes a panic alarm.
Source: Tanita Corp. site


There are a lots of things keep popping in my mind. They are all the items that I think I really need and want. So, this entry is specially dedicated to myself, so that I can rethink, reconsider, rearrange and reclassified the priority of everything that I need.

Firstly, let me list ALL the things that I want and need and why do I need it?

-my current jeans are all in size 29. Haha. Giant me for the past few months. Pakai pun semua longgar.

2.Nike Women Shoes (for work ok?)
-my current white Nike dah yellowish. I dunno what goes wrong. And the Stain cannot go away even I brushed it whole day. =( nampak sgt pengotor if I wear that shoes.
-no need to elaborate more. I just think I really need this as the the LAST time I brought BRAs was last December. Euww…
4.Crocs Malindi
-just want to replace my old Crocs-fake-which-everyone-think-original (except Loctor Mayat! Huh~) Haha. She's actually cheap Carrefour bran which only cost me rm19.90. Tapi kan, she's still 'alive' after 1 year woo… Walawei.

Malindi from Crocs. -photo grabbed at Crocs site.

my rm19.90 from carrefour. Hoho

5.Crocs Santa Cruz
-no reason. She's cute! Tet~
6.New pair(s) of Baju Kurung to attend friend'S wedding(S) and engagement(S)
-yeah. I got a few invitation this year, so I may need a few baju to attend those event
7.NEXT pink tops
-she's keep distracting my mind since I saw her at NEXT boutique last week. plus 50% discount some more. I really want this!
8.NEXT purple tops
-no reason. It's just cute~and cheap.
9.Full suit of outfit for dancing class
-I want to look great during aerobic session. Makcik2 pon bergaya lebeyh lagi dari I okay?
-To replace my old one yg sudah being P by Zerro. Immediately I throw it to the black dusbin belakang rumah.
11.AKEMI dream pillow
-Very comfy!!!! Seriously.

Looks comfy kan?

12.Purple and Pink selendang
-To match my purple tops?
13.Plain black selendang
-To match my innocent blouse that I bought at The Curve last-last month. Hehe. Never been worn until now.
14. 2-way-cake compact powder from Maybelline
Of course I need this. Tapi, Maybelline is in the banned list. Hurm.. Let me re-think. Any suggestion for the replacement?
15.Own PC
-To download all the movies, tv series from TOM865 site.? Betol ka tom865? Or tom586? I forgot the name ohh.
16.White long trousers
-To match my white dresses. A lot of white dresses!
17.A few pair of Socks
-Yes. I need. I bought 10 pieces JUNE last year. End of life already loh.
18.DKNY Red Be Delicious
-current one dah nak abes.
19.Pet carrier
-Senang sikit nak hantar Zerro g clinic.
-I don’t have the latest design! The one that I have now was 2 years back.




22.Elianto Blusher
-Yeah, my blusher almost empty. I choose Elianto because it cheap, match with my skin, and easy to apply.
23.Black long trousers
-Current one dah longgar tahap dewa.
24.Vitamin and supplements
-oh..perlu2. for health oo.
25.Laptop backpack
-can be claimed wo! Rm200.
26.Tudung2 cantik di Kelantan or KL
-desire! Sangat cantik and irresistible!
27.Batik Jawa Kebaya..
-Very beautiful. I like the white with pink kain version too. But it costs almost 300. Sigh.

Next step is to dump some of the items to the Trash List. Bye2. sob..sob..


1.Crocs Malindi-bye2. maybe next time. :(

2.Crocs Santa Cruz
3.Full suit of outfit for dancing class-I can still look gorgeous and sexy with my oversize T rite?
4.Bolster-Trashed. Still can hug my Bear2 Pi.
5.Own PC-No need. Just watch from TV.
6.DKNY Red Be Delicious- Aifa, you still have full bottle of PARIS HILTON and A LOT of miniature from Jaguar, Versace etc.!!!
7.Pet carrier -Just use the small cage.
8.Handbags-You just got the Carlo Rino from ur Dear and DKNY from Umi!!
9.Laptop bag-No need. Still can be used the old one. Plus some more, still x jumpa the purple backpack that u see in PISA last 2 years.
10..AKEMI dream pillow-You still can sleep with the cheap pillow that u have rite now. Late for work because of overslept.. jgn kata x boleyh tdo pulak.
11.Tudung2 cantik di Kelantan or KL-xpayah la. Yg beli haritu pon bukan selalu guna
12.Batik Jawa Kebaya-A BIG NO! u have enuff!

KIV Lists.

1.Jeans- check in my sister's wardrobe when im back in June. Maybe they have your size. Just steal from the. (Kuasa Veto seorang kakak.)
2.New pair(s) of Baju Kurung to attend friend'S wedding(S) and engagement(S)-rasanya baju time raya haritu pun baru sekali dipakai. Kain time risik pon x dihantar tailor lagi. Rite?
3.NEXT purple tops-Cheap, but are u really envy that? Does it look nice on you??
4.Purple and pink selendang-Bukan selalu guna pon. Nanti terperap macam selendang2 lain. Lagipon, muka kurg sesuey la...
5.White long trousers-Steal from sisterS! Luckily I have them. Hehe.
6.Wedges- I bet there're a lot of new shoes at my house back in Kuching. For sure, umi, Nana and Asob have bought a Lots in this few months time.
7.Black long trousers-Eh, y I need this tadi haa?

To buy LIST:

1.Nike Women Shoes -Must Buy. See my previous pairs. Pity me! Perhaps I can reduce the standard a bit. Like converting from Nike to Converse? Or just Bata or BUM? Haha.

Can see the yellowish stain?? Yucks!

2.Bra(s)-MUST BUY. Enough said.
3.NEXT pink tops-This top has haunted me for the rest of the week. So, must grab it! Unless there's no more S size… ;(
4.Plain black selendang -yeah, I'll buy to match up the blouse.
5. 2-way-cake compact powder from Maybelline-Dah habis, so kena beli!
6.A few pair of Socks-Dah berlubang2. MUST buy.
7.Elianto Blusher -Replace current yg almost empty!
8.Vitamin and supplements-hooo.. Perlu sgt. To do list b4 marriage. ;p

But this To-buy LIST is not the final list yet. I need to get the approval from my financial advisory first.

p/s: you guys can also help me to reduce the list too. How? By buying the things that I want. If you have do so, I'm sure my interest to buy that things also has been ripped out. Good for me though!

My day started as usual. Wake up, yawn, sleep again, and wake up again and regret that I have to wake up so early on cold and raining Friday morning. (eh, bukan selalu Kulim hujan time pagi2 taw…~) What a boring day kan?

But, I am very2 overjoyed and happy and really enjoyed myself today. It has been a long time I didn’t feel this way. I mean enjoying something really2 much and everything seems so perfect. I don’t know how to describe it in sentences because I'm not quite sure what makes me this happy. It's just a feeling…which I think better than shopping and eating..~

WHY NOT Shopping and Eating?
-yah.. Of course I enjoy shopping very much..I love the shopping malls, outlets, boutiques everything. I enjoy when I shopped! But the problem come and chase you after you shopped. Credit cards debts, lack of money, are the most common problem that people usually faced after overspent on shopping. That's make the shopping feeling imperfect. Unless you found someone who're willing to pay for you!

-Eating? Oh.. I do love eating so much.. But the current me will not enjoying the eating session as much as I did last time.Of course.. I takut gemok woor~Malas la nak elaborate panjang2 here. Hehe.

Then, why did I feel this way? (even though my financial has reach the critical point rite now sampai proses catuan makanan dilakukan and hp kena bar-AGAIN.)

Haha. Nothing special actually. It's just because:

1-Something about work. It's a routine that I need to do every Friday morning but for today, I can skip that because I'm attending a training. I like this feeling!

2-FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY 24 YEARS LIFE, I play the childhood traditional games! Hehe. Kan dah cakap, nothing special for you, but really meaningful for me.

What are the games that I joined today?
There was an event which is Sport Carnival at my workplace today. As the traditional games had gotten a cold response from my department, my team or sub-department (can I use this word) offered ourselves to join ALL the games that been offered. What a chaos since almost all the game time clashed with each other. To summarize, I learnt to play GALAH PANJANG, GULI and TARIK UPIH today. SGT BESH! Maybe my teammates are also gila2 and really enjoying ourselves! I also main batu seremban a.k.a batu tujuh, tp biasalah.. Kalah. I think I need to practice more on 'cangkuk' skill. Huhu.

Orite. Hiperbola x? Rasa reborn daa… Hehe. Tp BEST! =D

p/s: Sorry, no pics since I x kenal this event photographer.

1. Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award ini:
-Pelanggan Herbalife paling berwibawa-that's y I kenal her...
-Suka sgt bergaya and shopping. Pantang dapat gaji, trus shopping x ingat kelas aerobic.. huhu
-Bakal pengantin bulan July nanti.. ehe. Congrats2!
-Kami sama2 menjalani proses diet yg sihat and sesi menimbang and monitor berat dilakukan pada hari jumaat
-Clumsy kot... (berdasarkan perhatian)
nak tambah extra bley?
-sgt2 punctual. Jgn lambat if u guys nak keluar dengan dia, nnti akan menerima nasib seperti k mo0ney. Hoho
2. nyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award sepenuhnya :

i-Attracted to anything purple. I can detect it from far. Sampaikan my boyboy has to pull me away from the direction I'm heading to.

ii. I can't resist cheese~ If I dine in at Pizza Hut, for sure I will ask for the cheese powder and WILL finished the whole full bottle or at least it left 1/4. Cheesy wedges at KFC also MUST be ordered wif SUPER EXTRA cheese.

iii. I PLAN to open a boutique one day. ONE DAY okay, not now. But the concept, theme and plan are all set on my mind now.. Dreaming~

iv. I'm not ready to be a wife because of certain reasons. Even though my engagement is around the corner, the wedding will be a long way to go. (I'm still thinking the excuse to be given for both family. Any ideas?)

v. Shy on your 1st, 2nd and 3rd approach. On the 4th, you'll see me as non-stop talker.

vi. Used to be over-sensitive. I changed and try to be tabah once I realize the 'maturity' of myself. Nothing to be sadden of. I also learnt something on this over-sensitive habit. Too hard to explain. Just forget it.

vii. Will try very hard and best to adapt with environment and surrounding (I mean people). Don’t judge me as hypocrite or fake. I just want to mix with all kind of people, even sometime terpaksa makan hati jugak. Nak jaga hati org len la kan.. Hurmmm~

viii: Hard outside, Fragile and soft inside-that’s me.
Hard inside, Soft outside-that's my boyboy.

x. I love programming! seriously!
xi. Everyday, I need time for myself to monologue.-to stable myself. Then, I can resume smiling and laughing in front of others. Psiko x? Haha.
Pilih 5 penerima award seterusnya dan describelah tentang mereka:
(reduce to 5)
i. aida the pinkgoddess- pink freak (and suits her!), Blossom.
ii. shirley-my roommates during third year, good friend, good listener, sarawakian chinese girl (we're connected by this rsnya)

iii. nat-close fren during uni time, Spice Girls? Ehe. someone's fiancee and will be married soon. betol kan?
iv. ima- sooner will become a doctor. sweet lady and has a lookalike twin-xerox photocopy from her face. ;p
v. Loctor Mayat- the best photographer, coffee boy, chatter, food expert EVER! =D sooner will become a dad.. congrats2!
Since everyone will be going back to their hometown whenever there is 3-days weekend holiday, I was left here missing my hometown badly. =( But, for last weekend, I got a special request from Cik Anna Gorgeous to take care of her tortoise. When she called me last Friday to get my help on this, I was a bit surprise. What??! Tortoise?? How to take care??? I imagined a big, ugly-coz it dark green (sorry for those who love green!), dirty pond tortoise. I even started thinking where to put the tortoise because I scared Zerro will hurt it.

When Cik Anna arrived at my house, she brought a medium size blue basin. OMG. It is so small and cute~! But still, I didn’t dare to touch it. Its name is HaHa. Maybe it’s a 'SHE' according to her behaviour. Very shy and loves to hide behind the leaves even she got her own shell.. Here's some of Haha's pics.

She's there!

Close-up of Haha

Yesterday, for the first time I tried to touch this creature. So pity of her because she has to live for 3 days in a stink-dirty water, just because I didn’t dare to touch her. I returned from the office in the evening and found out she's laying on the stone-means she has enough with the water and cant stand her own shit anymore. I decided to change her water so that she wont suffer.

Late evening, her owner took her back. Bye bye Haha. Cik Anna, jgn serik anto kat aku lagi ek. Nanti ko beli sekor lagi utk kawan ngan Haha tue. =)

Oh ya! 3 more weeks to go for my foots step my lovely Kuching land! Oh, I cant wait~ =S

Nothing much to write here. Just to wish my mama, Hajah Siti Zaleha- Happy Mother's Day. Forgive me for what had happened in past few months. I still love you-that's why I've done ALL that. You know what I mean. Thanks for everything! Love you~ and miss you now... =(

Happy Umi's Day-from your beloved daughter~

A Song For Ummi

You taught me everything
And everything you've given me
I always keep it inside
You're the driving force in my life, yeah

There isn't anything
Or anyone I can be
And it just wouldn't feel right
If I didn't have you by my side

You were there for me to love and care for me
When skies were grey
Whenever I was down
You were always there to comfort me

And no one else can be what you have been to me
You'll always be
you always will be the girl
In my life for all times

Umi, umi you know I love you
Oh you know I love you
Umi, umi you're the queen of my heart

Your love is like
Tears from the stars
Umi, I just want you to know
Lovin' you is like food to my soul

You're always down for me
Have always been around for me even when I was bad
You showed me right from my wrong
Yes you did

And you took up for me
When everyone was downin' me
You always did understand
You gave me strength to go on

There was so many times
Looking back when I was so afraid
And then you come to me
And say to me I can face anything

And no one else can do
What you have done for me
You'll always be
You will always be the girl in my life

I Miss this moment...

*Tears drop on my lappy*heavily* while I'm writing this.

p/s: Not forgetting: my mum-in-law, Puan Mariam. Happy Mak's day. Even though some misunderstanding did happened today.

Today my boyboy and I went for his pending birthday celebration. It was actually an unintentional celebration-why? Because we're too choosy and difficult in choosing where the place to eat, so we ended up at Sakae Sushi. The foods are quite expensive there (for kiamsiap ME), therefore we decided to do his celebration on the spot.. Hoho. Here're some pics that can be shared.

Happy 24th Birthday Dear~

Birthday gift? I already gave him his pressie last 2 weeks. Let me share a little bit bout that. I planned to give him toys for his birthday since he kept begging me for REMOTE CONTROL CAR for ages. Bak kata Kasyfi : Kesian la dekat org.. Time kecik2 dolo x penah dapat main bende2 macam nie.. Ayah x kasi.. =( kecian nyerrrr! So, I brought him to that Toy Shop for him to choose his own model. But we ended BUYING the RC Helicopter ON THE SPOT! Luckily I got enough money~ ! I agree to buy coz Kasyfi PROMISED me that he wont play the heli until the 1st May (his birthday)!

Well, well well, like a childish boy begging for the toy, he kept calling me and begged me for the heli.. "Org nak wat penerbangan sulung….!!!" He cried. I still didn’t allowed so he threatened me to buy another model if I still refused to give him the Heli. I didn’t believe he would react that way and buy it himself. SURPRISINGLY, HE REALLY DID BUY!!! Now, a RC CAR! Oh my god. He is so impatient!!!! Why is my becoming-fiancée acted this childish??? It was so not him! Arghh~

Btw, it was a few weeks ago. Now, he got his toys and so happy with it. He also brought both that RC Heli and Car back to his hometown to show to his siblings and parents. *ish*ish*

After lunch, we go to settle our almost-final preparation for our engagement. He bought me shoes to be given on dulang hantaran and I also bought him a pair. (He nagged along the way because I choose a new arrival version instead of discounted item..!) Mesti lah nak yang mahal sikit.. Kan girls? Ehe

Shoes-CR and Jaguar for Men *i noe some of u will say this: Carlo Rino jer??*

After shopping, we went to change my engagement ring size… We bought that ring in February-during I weighted 52kg~ It's now May, and my weight now is 47kg. No wonder my ring size change from size 12 to size 8. Luckily the ring can be adjusted. Heee =)

Oh ya. we got the free rose after purchasing more than RM80 in single receipt at Sunway Carnival. Mama's day promotion kot..

A 54 year old woman had a heart attack and was taken to the hospital.

While on the operating table she had a near death experience.

Seeing Death Angel, she asked "Is my time up?"

Angel said, "No, you have another 13 years, 2 months and 8 days to live."

Upon recovery, the woman decided to stay in the hospital and have a face-lift, liposuction, breast implants and a tummy tuck. She even had someone come in and change her hair color and brighten her teeth! Since she had so much more time to live, she figured she might as well make the most of it.

After her last operation, she was released from the hospital. While crossing the street on her way home, she was killed by an ambulance.

Arriving in front of Death Angel, she demanded, "I thought you said I had another 13 years. Why didn't you pull me from out of the path of the ambulance?"

. . . . . ………………..



Death Angel replied: "I DIDN’T recognize you!" *pengsan*
Thursday, 30th April

We departed from Kulim at 5.45pm after sending Zerro to the petshop for hostel. Pity him. He looked so scared and sad as we would be apart for a few days. At the petshop, we met Zerro's sista. She's so beautiful with light grey soft and long fur. But she's quite thinner compared to Zerro… Memang Zerro kuat makan! I talked to the petshop owner and asked him whether he can let Zerro had 'one nite stand' with other female cats there-or his own sis, but the owner refused to… Kesian lagi dekat Zerro…

Zerro takutttttt

Ok. Enough with Zerro. I drove first until we reached Tapah because I cant drive at night. Rabun ayam. Stopped at Tapah for Kasyfi berbuka puasa, then gerak to KL. We reached KL around 9.30pm to pick up Kak Ain, my gonna-be sis in law. We supposed to meet her at KL Sentral, but because of Kasyfi's carelessness, we lost the right track and end up at KLCC. Ceh, KLCC at 10pm??? Shop lots semua dah tutup! So, we just waited for Kak Ain to come and then continue perjalanan to Johor.

3.30 am: Finally reached Johor. I slept all the way to Kasyfi's house, so there's nothing to be shared here. I just woke up for a few second to wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY at 1.15am. Heee…apala gilpren ini…

Sampai saja at his house, all the family members bangun and welcome us. Wah wah wah.. Pukul 3.30 pagi tuuuuuuu… Hoho. We were served with variety of food! Macam2. Nak x nak, kene makan jugak, nanti mak mentua kecik hati. Hehe. Nasi with telur pindang, ayam rendang, sayur nangka masak lemak & ikan goreng. As if nak bersahur pulak… After makan, semua pon tido.. (This is where penggemokkan bermula)

Friday, 1st May

Kasyfi's birthday. Nothing much in the morning because I woke up pon dah pukul 10 am. Haha. Tolak markah! Bangun2, then mandi, then help Kak Ain and Mak dekat dapur. What's the menu for that day ek? Oh, sambal goreng yang sedap. Sambal goreng jawa is where all the sumber protein is mixed in 1 dish- Tempe(wajib), kentang, fishcake, fishball, sayur kacang, and semua sumber2 kacang yg lain. Dah nama pon sambal goreng, so all these sumber protein is DEEP-FRIED, and then baru ditumis, and di-sambal-gorengkan lagi… double-triple calories!

Then masak ikan asam pedas…His family specialty ..i asked for the recipe from Kak Ely at the first place, (she is from Malacca and also their specialty) but x sempat nak tunjuk skill coz mak suruh Kak Ain masak that dish.

After lunch, we all went to Mak Asi house to visit Kasyfi's grandma. Oh my god! She's SOOOOOOOO alike with arwah Nek Chot! No wonder my parents told me the same thing previously!

For dinner, we did a small celebration for Kasyfi's birthday. A tons of SaTay atan- chicken and beef), burung puyuh goreng and cakes! Full! Gila Full! A VERY cheating Day!

Celebration ala kampung

Saturday, 2nd May

Mak pegi ke kebun with ayah.. Ecey, sounds macam dlm buku cerita kanak2 zaman dulu.. Kekampung-kampungan gitu. So, she left me and Kak Ain to cook for lunch! Hoho. Time to show my skills!

So, apa lagi. Lets cook Laksa Sarawak! Nyum2. I asked Kak Ain to cook a few dishes too incase kasyfi's family x pandai makan. So, today's lunch will be based on seafood! Me masak laksa sarawak which is based from prawn, and Kak Ain masak ketam masak lemak cili api, sotong goreng tepung, ikan sweet and sour.. Can you imagine how 'SEAFOOD' is that? Hehe.

During lunch:

Mak: Kenapa masak sambal (sambal belacan utk laksa sarawak) sikit sangat?

Me: Takut x habis.

Mak: Awak masukkan ape dlm sambal nie? (Takutnya..)

Me: Bla bla bla.. (explaining)

After lunch:

Mak: Sedap awak masak eppa…

Me: hee.. Biasa saja!

Mak: Ain, ko ade blajar masak ni dari Eppa ke td?

Hahah.. That's the main point! X pernah kena puji mak mentua taw! Usually, me akan dicompare with gadis2 in Kasyfi's family. I mean her sisters.. Like previously..Huh. Panjang cerita. Malas la. Yg penting, kali nie tambah markah! Huahau.

Late afternoon, I followed Mak and Kak Ain for facial. Hentam saja lah… Melayang rm53! X berbaloi actually, but investment to spend more times with mak mentua…So, kira ok la tue.. Huhu.

3rd May: Balik Kulim. Transit to Kajang first to send Kak Ain, Then jalan2 Kajang sat, baru drive balik Kulim…

Habis cerita loh!

p/s: To Dear: Later kita celebrate lain keyh.. private celebration. haha