Pending entry-Paris and Earth Hour. and Asob's birthday~

28 March 2008

My sis's boyfriend came over from Johor and we (My boyboy, my sis, her bf and I) planned to go to Paris for engagement shopping. Because the place is famous for LV and other branded handbags (Coach, Anna Sui) so my aunties had pesan air liur (luckily sudah bayar) a few handbags for them bergaya. Actually to show off to one another. Hehe.

Look.. I bought LV handbag for my Aunty Anne.

(I noe the yellow label means it is a fake, just ignore it)

She pesan this actually and the bag which I bought cost me RM250. (original price rm2500 and above). This design is also inspired by the combination of these two original bags which is available at LV webpage.

Eh, did I mentioned Paris just now? Oh, my bad. It was just Perlis. +) Flower-love's dream! Actually we went to Padang Besar and surprisingly, the stuffs there were above expectation. Hoho. I wonder if Malaysian celebrity fake their branded handbags by buying them there. Here are some hasil titik peluh after 3 hours shopping. I still want to go there, AGAIN! So if you guys want to pesan, better pesan awal2. hoho.

We borong all the Anna Sui's! Crazy~ I wanted to buy more but.. Money la! Haha.
(Back there: The one that I'm holding is Bonia's handbag. Nice.. and cheap~ That was also for my aunt)
28th March is also Asob 18th birthday. Welcome to early stage of adult world. Enjoy watching 18 rated movies! Huahaua. Today was also earth hour day. I was expecting the whole town will be filled with darkness, unfortunately typical Malaysian will always be Malaysian. The whole town was enlightened by lights! X penah tengok iklan di tv or radio or what???? Cacat tangan, buta mata and pekak telinga. *Sigh*

This unclassified pose is dedicated for my just-turned-18 sista~ =)

2 doll(s) whispering:

asob said...
May 1, 2009 at 1:04 AM

aie. ko dah pakey??? huhh! hahaha. maksehhh =)

flower-love said...
May 6, 2009 at 10:39 PM

mesti lah.. berlakon bh!