of Zerro, again.

My sweetheart, Zerro P Sheffield will turn 1 year old this 19th April! I wonder what he wants for his birthday. I think he would be happy if I get him a wife (or even a prostitute should be fine for him?) Haha. Gatal! But, because of the economy crisis that effect my financial (alasan), so I couldn’t afford to buy him a wife. Anyone who interested to let his/her cat to sleep or should i call it one nite stand with my Zerro can contact me directly. Oooohhh Zerro!

My almost 1 year old baby.. He misses her aunty Nana. That's y kurus a little bit than before.


Just started to learn on how to climb the window

I still want the LV carrier for Zerro! It is so cool~ You can see it by Jessica's expression when she's walking around carrying the LV Pet Carrier. Proud, confident and elegant!

Cool~! I love it!

O yah. I watched Shopaholic movie last week. I thought that after watching the movie, I'd be more careful on spending my money. However, it turns around! Becky Bloomwood had really encourage or influenced me to spend more. Therefore, immediately after the movie ended, my foot stepped into a lot of shops and bought more clothes. Bila la nak berjimat nie? Haiyoooo~

My friend also has forwarded me this site which owned by one of my officemates. The clothes and handbags sold here are quite nice and the most important is they were cheap!! So, for those who are interested can register as a member and don’t forget to put this code as your referral code. Hee =)

Referral code: 8ddb30f09b
p/s: I'm thinking to free Zerro away.. But I'm not sure whether he knows the way back home if I let him free around my taman...oohh.. I dunno..~

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mo0ney said...
April 13, 2009 at 9:12 AM

wei..kt taman jgn bwk beg lv tuh..jogging ja.satgi kak long mrh..dia kan pulun jogging