Wish lists!

Yeah… This will be the EXACT time to write my wish lists… I'll include the price too.. =)

1. Persian female kitten, color: white and silver-RM350
-found her at Klinik Haiwan Dr Rodziah. this price include her vaccination (2 times) Couldn't take her photo since she's so hyperactive.

She's similar to this cutie... oohhh

2. Nanook from Crocs. My sis bumped onto this at Qbay and it costs only RM89! Please, can I have it? Ergonomic shoes for healthy work style. Please please~!

Berry-berry Nanook

Blackie nanook-play safe

Cotton Candy Nanook-so sweet and innocent! my 24th theme~

3. Celebrity version of Pet Carrier.. Soooo Paris Hilton! =)

Fake LV Carrier-Rm249

Pink and white-silver carrier-RM 83

Comfy carrier-RM 63

Haha.. Thanks in advance!

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