Weekend activities-14 March

I was too bz lately since my sis from Kch came to my place. I need to bring her jalan2. Last Saturday, 14 March, there was International Food Festival held in PISA Penang. So we went there to eat all the food tester samples (of course the halal one!) at every stall. We skipped our breakfast and we're so damn hungry! Unfortunately, we went there at the wrong timing because all the 'international' stall which sell food are closed during afternoon.

Ok. The main purpose for me to go Penang is to take nice2 photo at the famous Penang Sakura. (See the view of Penang Sakura at this link-http://loctormayat.com/blogs/?p=2069).

Loctor Mayat, pinjam gambar.

See the Sakura? (ignore the unfinished construction back there). Credit to Loctor for this pic. i curik this gambar from his blog.. sorry2..

I purposely wore matching outfit for the Sakura in order to have my photos taken there. Unfortunately (again), after all the shopping activity at Qbay, my bf was so tired and straightly drove us home.. BOo0oRING!#$%^&^

My pinkish-white outfit theme which supposed to be match with Sakura Penang Blossoms.


We went for 'engagement hantaran' hunting. So I surveyed a few things to be given to my wannabe fiancee and I managed to buy Emilio Valentino outfit and Camel's WITHOUT paying any money. I got a few hundreds voucher so I just used that to purchase my hantaran for my Bf. Kiamsiap of me! HUAhau.

I also managed to get a few new shirts for my self. 3 pairs of new shirt and all cost RM10 each. I love Jusco! Haha. So Siti Nurhaliza~

I got a cheap couple shirt from the 'black' boutique which located at lorong gelap. I'm not planning to buy any of it but my bf loves them so much, so he bought it for us..Thanks to him btw. Then I remember that I just teased my officemate when he bought the couple shirt for his gf with the love cartoon printed at the back-bottom of the shirt. Can you imagine that? The love is exactly at the butt when he wore the shirt. So GAY. Opss.

The key to unlock my heart.


During lunch, the kiamsiap us makan at Restoran Kapitan located at outside of Qbay. The food per meal is served in quite big portion until I couldn’t finish my meal. I'd like to recommend the Briyani here! The taste is soooooooo Good and could bring you to the moon! Hauhua.

Shisha lamb Kebab

Briyani which is so irresistible~

I also buy by myself a GOLD DUST MAO CHEE at Bread History. Previously I ate this when the vendor at the company where I worked for treat us the Mao Chee from Taiwan. So, I've forgotten the taste therefore I buy this.( I buy, but my bf bayar. For sure.) This Mao Chee is filled with chocolate mousse and strawberry filling. I just love the GOLD DUST at the topping there. Heee... Makan lagi.

She looks innocent!

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aidafazura said...
March 21, 2009 at 11:34 AM

1. eppa honey, u r soo kurus, like u were in schoo days

2. ur future fiancee is so sensitive and kind! lucky u~

3. love u sweet and innocent 09 style.hehe thumbs up!!suits u!

4. Lucky u to have those vouchers..

5. What else do u include in Kasyfi's hantarans? I have no idea for mine.

NRT Member said...
March 21, 2009 at 2:30 PM
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flower-love said...
March 24, 2009 at 11:06 PM

aida fazura,
1. not yet.. my weight now sama during the matrix. 2kg more to reach the size during hi school. hehe.

2.3.4-Thanks! hehe

5. Ok, i'll share with you offline.. I'm still in purchasing process. Will let you know offline okey.. hehe

QueenWizza said...
March 25, 2009 at 7:33 AM

cantek bju yg anda pakai tu..ketika berdiri di pintu itu. adakah itu candid atau purposely suruh muni or nana yg snap kn and buat2 mcm candid? hehe.. kiddin ;p

flower-love said...
March 26, 2009 at 11:11 AM

queen wizza,
semestinya bukan candid kerana tiada paparazi di rumah kami.. paparazi paksaan ader lah.. heheh.. (malu)