Nothing. Just mumbling and feel to write something.

I forgot to share with you all what I got from my family in Kuching through my sis. Besides all the foods (obor2-my favorite!, cencaluk bintulu, and some currypuff segera which is claimed to be very nice and tasty by my aunt and mum), I got something which is not food. Send by my father, WITH his LOVE is an old badminton racket, which I used to use it during my primary school and early secondary school-(because dah secondary school so malu2 nak keluar rumah depan jiran2..) Hehe =) So, here is it. Actually the string already putus, so abah send it for a repair since I complained dekat Kulim mahal! So kiamsiap.

send from abah wih love..thanks!

Tonite, I was seduced by two slim girl in my house. Kak Muni and my sis, Nana. Dengan tabah I drove them to KFC and they tapau it and ate it in front of me. Luckily, I can tahan… (sambil imagine my engagement dress which is a big motivation for me!) Boo.. I x tergoda.. AS FOR THE MOMENT I'M TYPING THIS.

evil girl eating burger. she supposed to gain her weight but she lost her weight instead!

another evil girl seducing me with this high calories and unhealthy food!

my all the time favorite! but this is not extra cheesy one..

p/s to my other siblings who read this: Dont tell abah and ummi aku ngan nana g KL. Haha.

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QueenWizza said...
March 16, 2009 at 9:07 AM

pergh. tabah gile. if i were u..surrender kot. huhu