Never ending celebrations~

Yey.. I'm 24 years old now~ 1 more year to live as teenagers. (In my own perspective-do not argue!) Thanks to all birthday wishes, celebrations and presents. I love you guys. Here are some pics that can be shared…

18th March:
Celebration at TGI Fridays with Loctor Mayat, Hantu Hijau and Nana. Thanks to Loctor for the superb dinner! I had a superBIG cheese burger and macaroni cheese which is always be my favorites!

Deep fried macaroni with cheese filled

The TGI staffs also came to our tables and buli the birthday girl and also CC (his farewell actually). We were asked to sing and blew the candles 1m away from us.. Nasib baik x diserang asma. Haha. Then the staffs sang a very HAPPENING birthday song and also sorrow FAREWELL song for CC. The best part is: unexpectedly, we got FREE birthday cake-a piece! Its cappuccino flavor.. Nice, coz its FREE! Huahua.

Free Cake from TGI

I also go to Crocs outlet to purchase my Cotton Candy Nanook (because my sis has bank in me the money to purchase it-for my birthday of course). Unfortunately I didn’t feel it fits nicely to my feet so I'm still considering to buy Nanook or Berry-berry Malindo.

19th March:
My birthday. 8.30 am sharp. No celebration today because I'm so damn tired. We just go for simple dinner at Secret Recipe (my sis and my bf). Thanks for all the wishes my friends, family, siblings, everyone~!

20th March:
Birthday celebration with my officemates. There were 2 birthdays to be celebrated today. (Me and Lo Po-18th March). They treat us at Kopitiam. Thanks btw for the lunch!

Birthday girl and boy

21st March:
Real birthday celebration with my bf and sis. We go melantak and makan banyak2 at Tao Restaurant and Cuisine! Sedap nya~ I always love the Motoyaki Scallop, Crabmeat with Cheese, Abalone and Edamame. For a simple dish like Edamame, I have to wait almost 2 hours because the waiter could not guess the dish which I explained to him. He kept serving us with different vegeS until at last, he came with an idea to explain the menu one by one. And finally when he realize that EDAMAME is the dish which I'm talking about, he said… "OH MY GOD! THIS IS IT! (sambil banging his head on the floor..-okay, over-reacted. He just tepuk2 kepala sahaja. ) Funny him. But thanks for serving us. It's worth to pay you for the service charge-unlike the PIZZA HUT in Perlis!(nx time cerita lain)

Menu-Edamame is the starter!

Then we went jalan2 melegakan perut yg extra bloated at Megamall Penang. We planned to play bowling there, but First Solar employees have conquered all the lanes for their tournament. So, we went for furniture-window-shop for our new apartment (which expectedly to siap nx year-insya allah) and also some new dresses for myself. See what I got AGAIN for my sweet and innocent theme. =)

Sweet rite? Kemban-dress bunga2 pink just like my bedsheet. Harhar. Don't laugh!

24th March:
Finally I get my birthday present from my wanna be fiancée. I hope he x kesah I kept complaining why I didn’t get any present from him this year. Huahua. Kesian him. Guess what he got for me.. Thanks a lot my DEAR! I love you VERY VERY much!

A goodie gift which he got from donating his blood???? No. No.

Haha. His handwritting will never change!


He jual his blood for me????



No Lah!

Actually, it is a 916 gold heart shaped pendant slipped in the blue case.
and it was printed at the blue name card casing..
"Speciality for the kind-hearted"
So, I got a new theme for my 24th age.

5 doll(s) whispering:

QueenWizza said...
March 25, 2009 at 7:30 AM

waa byknye mkn. teruja tgk.
tapi takpela coz aifa dah kurus. huhu jeles 90%. im still long way to go. T_T

cantek la pendant tu. cm ade kaler purple tu.. sweet..bru 24??? OMG! still SO young unlike me i x kecewa sgt coz ramai org mistake ingtkn i student hahaha..

anyway, HAPPY BURFDAyy!!

flower-love said...
March 25, 2009 at 10:22 AM

hahaha.. tu ar party2 je.asik mkn fast food memanjang. sbb tu nak skip measuring aritue.. xyah jeles.. k long pon kurus what.. pinggang ramping mcm rosalindah dah tue...

hehe.. aah.. br 24. ala, k long kn awet muda.. nmpak lebih muda dr org.. hee..


mo0ney said...
March 25, 2009 at 10:49 AM

aku benci tengok semua makanan ni.aku benci sebb aku dah mula rasa lapar.semua salah eppa sbb gi upload semua pic ni.BENCI!

QueenWizza said...
March 25, 2009 at 4:20 PM

sebenarnye sape yg dok stat pnggil eppa ni? bkn patut aifa ke?
muskil gak.

oh pinggang ku saje ramping tapi perutku..(tak sanggup nak teruskn ayat tu)

flower-love said...
March 25, 2009 at 11:36 PM

owh.. eppa tue nama timangan saya di rumah.. kalo nka panggil aifa pon buleyh, eppa pon buleyh..hehe..

kak muni lapo ke? kan dah melantak oblong ngan ns goreng + air stoberi td.. pas melantak tdo trus terlentang ats katil. ape nak jd nie?? hahha

ala kak long.. org len x psan pon perut tue.. aslkn pinggang ramping mcm kerengga cukp la tue.. heee