Don’t ever eat at KFC Qbay!

Usually, KFC is the last place to eat when my dear and I jalan2 at that Qbay. But today, because of the CIMB CC users are entitled to have discount at KFC, (every first day of the month) we chose to eat there. (But then, the machine was down, so we pay by cash. Rugi!) I was still full after eating my self-cooked spaghetti, so I just order chicken (ONLY) while my bf ordered X-Meal which consists Zinger Burger. Described as -it's finger lickin' good, spice it up! Or whatever it was (I quote from KFC (M) website), the burger that served to us was 180 deg totally different from the descriptions! Don’t ever eat at this branch. The pictures here speak for it.

Looks okay...

Macam vege yg dikutip dari tong sampah!

The bun sgt keras! Throw ke wall pon wall yang akan pecah.. (translate from sarawak-term: tikam ke dindin, dindin pecah!)
Don't ever eat at that KFC in Qbay! Another diet day was ruined. Haha.

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