1 mission completed, 1 half completed.

Day 1:

My sis and I departed from Kulim at 2.30 (schedule should be 2.15pm) on Plusliner bus. I only slept for 1 hour and then woke up along the journey because i'm dying to go to the toilet! I waited patiently for the bus to stop by at nearest RnR but still, the driver didn't show any sign to stop. So, when I reached TAHAP my PUNDI KENCING mau PECAH, so I walked to the bus driver and asked him to stop at the next RnR. Haha. Luckily he stopped and I managed to do my biological business.

Finally we reached Pudu at 8.30 pm. We actually reached KL at 7pm but then we're trapped in traffic jams there. You know that pudu area.. Huh~ After reached Pudu, we took LRT to Hang Tuah Station to change to monorail and went to Chow Kit where our hotel is there. Brisdale Hotel it is. Arranged by travel agency which my boyfriend signed up at the company where he worked for, we got free 3 days 2 nights stay. How is Brisdale? Sucks! Haha. Creepy along the hallway to reach the room, and a lot of COCKROACEHS in the room!!! OMG! Besides, my sis's bf found a PapaRoach in his comforter and this cause him to stay all nite since he really takut of lipas. Hahahahaa…

I slept early upon my arrival there and left my sis to eat supper and window shopped with her boyfriend.

Day 2:

We went to One Utama, IKEA and The Curve on the next day. Finally I got my foots stepped in IKEA. Haha. I had been laughed a lot by a few friends for never been to that IKEA. What I got in IKEA? Not planning to buy anything actually but I got my boyfriend a white sheepskin as he really likes that so much since forever… The main reason for me to got this Damansara area is to find a wondermilk cupcakes which I saw in pics of my bestfriends's sis. I'm dying to get 1 piece for myself but could find the outlets.. SAD! Instead, I found a cupcakes chic shop but the cupcakes didn’t look so seducing so I didn’t buy any of it.

Sheepskin for my boyfriend

Oh, for sure I'll buy some clothes on my visits. See what I got here. My wardrobe theme for this 24 years old age is.. SWEET and INNOCENT. Can I? Heeee.. =)

See.. so sweet and innocent rite.. ;p

That cheerleader-half white-blue dress costs me RM 11 only! WoW!

Day 3:

Completed the second mission to go KL. So I went shopping for my engagement's fabrics and also hantaran baju melayu and songket for my boyfriend. I phoned my boyfriend to claim the bills of my shopping. Then he said.. "what? 1k?" Poor him to have a girlfriend like me… But I'm not that really high maintenance okay… Sorry dear.. You didn’t set the limit so I just bought what I like.. Heeee.. Sorry2. I'll be a good fiancée later. Promise! ;p
Purple-pinkish beaded chiffon. I need to choose soft and sweet color for engangement. Save the lace and bright color for the wedding. Hee.
Thanks and sorry dear... =)
Oh ya..I rushed back to Kulim just to see Lee Chong Wei played for All England Final. But I dunno why didn't they save the best match for the last and I couldn't make it on time... Even though Chong Wei didn't win, I heard he fought back against Lin Dan to complete his misson.. It's okay Datuk, try harder next time. Good Luck!

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