Yey.. I'm 24 years old now~ 1 more year to live as teenagers. (In my own perspective-do not argue!) Thanks to all birthday wishes, celebrations and presents. I love you guys. Here are some pics that can be shared…

18th March:
Celebration at TGI Fridays with Loctor Mayat, Hantu Hijau and Nana. Thanks to Loctor for the superb dinner! I had a superBIG cheese burger and macaroni cheese which is always be my favorites!

Deep fried macaroni with cheese filled

The TGI staffs also came to our tables and buli the birthday girl and also CC (his farewell actually). We were asked to sing and blew the candles 1m away from us.. Nasib baik x diserang asma. Haha. Then the staffs sang a very HAPPENING birthday song and also sorrow FAREWELL song for CC. The best part is: unexpectedly, we got FREE birthday cake-a piece! Its cappuccino flavor.. Nice, coz its FREE! Huahua.

Free Cake from TGI

I also go to Crocs outlet to purchase my Cotton Candy Nanook (because my sis has bank in me the money to purchase it-for my birthday of course). Unfortunately I didn’t feel it fits nicely to my feet so I'm still considering to buy Nanook or Berry-berry Malindo.

19th March:
My birthday. 8.30 am sharp. No celebration today because I'm so damn tired. We just go for simple dinner at Secret Recipe (my sis and my bf). Thanks for all the wishes my friends, family, siblings, everyone~!

20th March:
Birthday celebration with my officemates. There were 2 birthdays to be celebrated today. (Me and Lo Po-18th March). They treat us at Kopitiam. Thanks btw for the lunch!

Birthday girl and boy

21st March:
Real birthday celebration with my bf and sis. We go melantak and makan banyak2 at Tao Restaurant and Cuisine! Sedap nya~ I always love the Motoyaki Scallop, Crabmeat with Cheese, Abalone and Edamame. For a simple dish like Edamame, I have to wait almost 2 hours because the waiter could not guess the dish which I explained to him. He kept serving us with different vegeS until at last, he came with an idea to explain the menu one by one. And finally when he realize that EDAMAME is the dish which I'm talking about, he said… "OH MY GOD! THIS IS IT! (sambil banging his head on the floor..-okay, over-reacted. He just tepuk2 kepala sahaja. ) Funny him. But thanks for serving us. It's worth to pay you for the service charge-unlike the PIZZA HUT in Perlis!(nx time cerita lain)

Menu-Edamame is the starter!

Then we went jalan2 melegakan perut yg extra bloated at Megamall Penang. We planned to play bowling there, but First Solar employees have conquered all the lanes for their tournament. So, we went for furniture-window-shop for our new apartment (which expectedly to siap nx year-insya allah) and also some new dresses for myself. See what I got AGAIN for my sweet and innocent theme. =)

Sweet rite? Kemban-dress bunga2 pink just like my bedsheet. Harhar. Don't laugh!

24th March:
Finally I get my birthday present from my wanna be fiancée. I hope he x kesah I kept complaining why I didn’t get any present from him this year. Huahua. Kesian him. Guess what he got for me.. Thanks a lot my DEAR! I love you VERY VERY much!

A goodie gift which he got from donating his blood???? No. No.

Haha. His handwritting will never change!


He jual his blood for me????



No Lah!

Actually, it is a 916 gold heart shaped pendant slipped in the blue case.
and it was printed at the blue name card casing..
"Speciality for the kind-hearted"
So, I got a new theme for my 24th age.
I was too bz lately since my sis from Kch came to my place. I need to bring her jalan2. Last Saturday, 14 March, there was International Food Festival held in PISA Penang. So we went there to eat all the food tester samples (of course the halal one!) at every stall. We skipped our breakfast and we're so damn hungry! Unfortunately, we went there at the wrong timing because all the 'international' stall which sell food are closed during afternoon.

Ok. The main purpose for me to go Penang is to take nice2 photo at the famous Penang Sakura. (See the view of Penang Sakura at this link-

Loctor Mayat, pinjam gambar.
See the Sakura? (ignore the unfinished construction back there). Credit to Loctor for this pic. i curik this gambar from his blog.. sorry2..

I purposely wore matching outfit for the Sakura in order to have my photos taken there. Unfortunately (again), after all the shopping activity at Qbay, my bf was so tired and straightly drove us home.. BOo0oRING!#$%^&^

My pinkish-white outfit theme which supposed to be match with Sakura Penang Blossoms.


We went for 'engagement hantaran' hunting. So I surveyed a few things to be given to my wannabe fiancee and I managed to buy Emilio Valentino outfit and Camel's WITHOUT paying any money. I got a few hundreds voucher so I just used that to purchase my hantaran for my Bf. Kiamsiap of me! HUAhau.

I also managed to get a few new shirts for my self. 3 pairs of new shirt and all cost RM10 each. I love Jusco! Haha. So Siti Nurhaliza~

I got a cheap couple shirt from the 'black' boutique which located at lorong gelap. I'm not planning to buy any of it but my bf loves them so much, so he bought it for us..Thanks to him btw. Then I remember that I just teased my officemate when he bought the couple shirt for his gf with the love cartoon printed at the back-bottom of the shirt. Can you imagine that? The love is exactly at the butt when he wore the shirt. So GAY. Opss.

The key to unlock my heart.


During lunch, the kiamsiap us makan at Restoran Kapitan located at outside of Qbay. The food per meal is served in quite big portion until I couldn’t finish my meal. I'd like to recommend the Briyani here! The taste is soooooooo Good and could bring you to the moon! Hauhua.

Shisha lamb Kebab

Briyani which is so irresistible~

I also buy by myself a GOLD DUST MAO CHEE at Bread History. Previously I ate this when the vendor at the company where I worked for treat us the Mao Chee from Taiwan. So, I've forgotten the taste therefore I buy this.( I buy, but my bf bayar. For sure.) This Mao Chee is filled with chocolate mousse and strawberry filling. I just love the GOLD DUST at the topping there. Heee... Makan lagi.

She looks innocent!

Yeah… This will be the EXACT time to write my wish lists… I'll include the price too.. =)

1. Persian female kitten, color: white and silver-RM350
-found her at Klinik Haiwan Dr Rodziah. this price include her vaccination (2 times) Couldn't take her photo since she's so hyperactive.

She's similar to this cutie... oohhh

2. Nanook from Crocs. My sis bumped onto this at Qbay and it costs only RM89! Please, can I have it? Ergonomic shoes for healthy work style. Please please~!

Berry-berry Nanook

Blackie nanook-play safe

Cotton Candy Nanook-so sweet and innocent! my 24th theme~

3. Celebrity version of Pet Carrier.. Soooo Paris Hilton! =)

Fake LV Carrier-Rm249

Pink and white-silver carrier-RM 83

Comfy carrier-RM 63

Haha.. Thanks in advance!

People come and go. I'm trying not to be so emotional about this and wanted to be looked as a matured girl. And I know that I'm not supposed to blog about this since this involve a big corporation business. Frankly speaking, I still don't know how to react to this people. Cheer them? Show your sympathy? Everything seems not right about that. I just hope that they'll find a new opportunity in their life. Good luck to them. I'm SURE I'll miss some of you... bye bye.. sad... ;(

I forgot to share with you all what I got from my family in Kuching through my sis. Besides all the foods (obor2-my favorite!, cencaluk bintulu, and some currypuff segera which is claimed to be very nice and tasty by my aunt and mum), I got something which is not food. Send by my father, WITH his LOVE is an old badminton racket, which I used to use it during my primary school and early secondary school-(because dah secondary school so malu2 nak keluar rumah depan jiran2..) Hehe =) So, here is it. Actually the string already putus, so abah send it for a repair since I complained dekat Kulim mahal! So kiamsiap.

send from abah wih love..thanks!

Tonite, I was seduced by two slim girl in my house. Kak Muni and my sis, Nana. Dengan tabah I drove them to KFC and they tapau it and ate it in front of me. Luckily, I can tahan… (sambil imagine my engagement dress which is a big motivation for me!) Boo.. I x tergoda.. AS FOR THE MOMENT I'M TYPING THIS.

evil girl eating burger. she supposed to gain her weight but she lost her weight instead!

another evil girl seducing me with this high calories and unhealthy food!

my all the time favorite! but this is not extra cheesy one..

p/s to my other siblings who read this: Dont tell abah and ummi aku ngan nana g KL. Haha.
Day 1:

My sis and I departed from Kulim at 2.30 (schedule should be 2.15pm) on Plusliner bus. I only slept for 1 hour and then woke up along the journey because i'm dying to go to the toilet! I waited patiently for the bus to stop by at nearest RnR but still, the driver didn't show any sign to stop. So, when I reached TAHAP my PUNDI KENCING mau PECAH, so I walked to the bus driver and asked him to stop at the next RnR. Haha. Luckily he stopped and I managed to do my biological business.

Finally we reached Pudu at 8.30 pm. We actually reached KL at 7pm but then we're trapped in traffic jams there. You know that pudu area.. Huh~ After reached Pudu, we took LRT to Hang Tuah Station to change to monorail and went to Chow Kit where our hotel is there. Brisdale Hotel it is. Arranged by travel agency which my boyfriend signed up at the company where he worked for, we got free 3 days 2 nights stay. How is Brisdale? Sucks! Haha. Creepy along the hallway to reach the room, and a lot of COCKROACEHS in the room!!! OMG! Besides, my sis's bf found a PapaRoach in his comforter and this cause him to stay all nite since he really takut of lipas. Hahahahaa…

I slept early upon my arrival there and left my sis to eat supper and window shopped with her boyfriend.

Day 2:

We went to One Utama, IKEA and The Curve on the next day. Finally I got my foots stepped in IKEA. Haha. I had been laughed a lot by a few friends for never been to that IKEA. What I got in IKEA? Not planning to buy anything actually but I got my boyfriend a white sheepskin as he really likes that so much since forever… The main reason for me to got this Damansara area is to find a wondermilk cupcakes which I saw in pics of my bestfriends's sis. I'm dying to get 1 piece for myself but could find the outlets.. SAD! Instead, I found a cupcakes chic shop but the cupcakes didn’t look so seducing so I didn’t buy any of it.

Sheepskin for my boyfriend

Oh, for sure I'll buy some clothes on my visits. See what I got here. My wardrobe theme for this 24 years old age is.. SWEET and INNOCENT. Can I? Heeee.. =)

See.. so sweet and innocent rite.. ;p

That cheerleader-half white-blue dress costs me RM 11 only! WoW!

Day 3:

Completed the second mission to go KL. So I went shopping for my engagement's fabrics and also hantaran baju melayu and songket for my boyfriend. I phoned my boyfriend to claim the bills of my shopping. Then he said.. "what? 1k?" Poor him to have a girlfriend like me… But I'm not that really high maintenance okay… Sorry dear.. You didn’t set the limit so I just bought what I like.. Heeee.. Sorry2. I'll be a good fiancée later. Promise! ;p
Purple-pinkish beaded chiffon. I need to choose soft and sweet color for engangement. Save the lace and bright color for the wedding. Hee.
Thanks and sorry dear... =)
Oh ya..I rushed back to Kulim just to see Lee Chong Wei played for All England Final. But I dunno why didn't they save the best match for the last and I couldn't make it on time... Even though Chong Wei didn't win, I heard he fought back against Lin Dan to complete his misson.. It's okay Datuk, try harder next time. Good Luck!
Dear Zerro,

Zerro sayang, why did u bite mama again today? As if you know I'm going for my engagement things hunting… Pity your mama Zerro.. I don’t want my hand to look bad and 'yucks' because of the scars you left from your love-bite! Please zerro. Don’t ever do this to your mama again… Don’t worry, I'm not going to abandon you after I'm hooked. You're still my priority.. ~


Today's bite

Previous attacked

Kurang 2 ribu dah duit hantaran... Ish2..

As usual, he acts innocent! Eee.. geram nya!
Usually, KFC is the last place to eat when my dear and I jalan2 at that Qbay. But today, because of the CIMB CC users are entitled to have discount at KFC, (every first day of the month) we chose to eat there. (But then, the machine was down, so we pay by cash. Rugi!) I was still full after eating my self-cooked spaghetti, so I just order chicken (ONLY) while my bf ordered X-Meal which consists Zinger Burger. Described as -it's finger lickin' good, spice it up! Or whatever it was (I quote from KFC (M) website), the burger that served to us was 180 deg totally different from the descriptions! Don’t ever eat at this branch. The pictures here speak for it.

Looks okay...

Macam vege yg dikutip dari tong sampah!

The bun sgt keras! Throw ke wall pon wall yang akan pecah.. (translate from sarawak-term: tikam ke dindin, dindin pecah!)
Don't ever eat at that KFC in Qbay! Another diet day was ruined. Haha.

I stopped by at M***T supermarket (all Kulim's and Penang folks know this place) and found this lovely comforter set. Actually, our main reason to go there was to buy the Dalmatian-spots-car accessories for my bf's KuRo. But we ended up with this lovely bedsheet.. Nice!

Tadaaa.. introducing my sleeping palace.. :)

new bedsheet with Bebe-Pi.. =)