The sins I committed

Yesterday, I woke up late. That's when my diet program started to ruin. I didn’t take my breakfast which I MUST take.. (according to my diet coach). Then, I ate prunes before my lunch. During my lunch time, I finished my half-plate nasi and I was craving for more.. (fyi: I ate with ulam2 and cencaluk. That's y my selera so naik!) & Between lunch and dinner, I ate JUNK food which is chips from Mister Potato and Jigs! and GSC Pop Corns! Huh.. Sins! Sins! (not the eating part, but melanggar what I've promised to myself)

Dinner time: I didn’t take any meals. Supposedly I drink the-what-my-coach-has prescribed me to drink. But I assumed that I already ate more that my metabolism rate calories can burn, so I skipped it. That positive thought then was swapped away after my housemate woke up in the middle of the night and cooked Ibumie/Indomie which is SOOOOOOO irresistible! Gosh…. So menggoda and made me cooked one packet for myself! Crazy me! eat instant noodle+digoreng+ during supper!!! Wah. That were a few sins that I committed yesterday! Plus more here: I didn’t drink enough water and green tea (4 litres) to wash the fat away!

Today, my coach said that she want to measure and monitor my weight more carefully than before. She asked me when she can come to my house and take my measurement. I told her to delay a little bit, but she refused to. (As if she knew about the sins I committed yesterday!) I need to punish myself, therefore I prohibit myself to eat rice for these 3 days..Haha. =D Aifa..aifa.. (sambil menggelengkan kepala) Booooooooo!

2 doll(s) whispering:

QueenWizza said...
February 26, 2009 at 11:41 AM

eat maggie aka ibumie or indomie or whatsoever called MAGGIE during SUPPER mmg x bole dimaafkn haha

eh, so whats ur latest result?
sure byk turun ni..
huhu. jeles 80%

flower-love said...
February 27, 2009 at 2:27 PM

tu ar.. mmg x boleyh di maafkan.. sumer salah kak muni! hahha.

xla byk sgt..skrg 51kg.. tp inches yg byk kurang.. a long way to go... huhu..