Duhhhhhhh.. Emosi!

i'm supposed to take bath now. but something happened in bathroom just now. I was just about to mandi, then suddenly I saw something moving on the bathroom floor..urghhh.. i cant stand that! i hate cacing or everything yg mengensot or whatever they call their movement! benci. benci.

Btw, i'm all alone in the house now. My housemates? I dunno where they're gone. I supposed to be at badminton court rite now and burn out my fat-fat-fat.. BUT no girl want to accompany me tonite and I end up here.. huh..

Oh ya, my sis was asking me for money to buy her taekwondo suit.. I need to bank in it now.. Actually, I was in taekwondo GTF club during my uni life.. blue-red tip belt.. wah, almost reach the BLACK belt wooo… y did I stop GTF aa.. Forgot liao..

Btw, I still hate the stupid lipan in my bathroom.. And also the neighbour who provide kawasan ternakan lipan dekat belakang rumah.. He never potong the rumput there since JUNE Last year! Duhhhhhh!

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