Yesterday, I woke up late. That's when my diet program started to ruin. I didn’t take my breakfast which I MUST take.. (according to my diet coach). Then, I ate prunes before my lunch. During my lunch time, I finished my half-plate nasi and I was craving for more.. (fyi: I ate with ulam2 and cencaluk. That's y my selera so naik!) & Between lunch and dinner, I ate JUNK food which is chips from Mister Potato and Jigs! and GSC Pop Corns! Huh.. Sins! Sins! (not the eating part, but melanggar what I've promised to myself)

Dinner time: I didn’t take any meals. Supposedly I drink the-what-my-coach-has prescribed me to drink. But I assumed that I already ate more that my metabolism rate calories can burn, so I skipped it. That positive thought then was swapped away after my housemate woke up in the middle of the night and cooked Ibumie/Indomie which is SOOOOOOO irresistible! Gosh…. So menggoda and made me cooked one packet for myself! Crazy me! eat instant noodle+digoreng+ during supper!!! Wah. That were a few sins that I committed yesterday! Plus more here: I didn’t drink enough water and green tea (4 litres) to wash the fat away!

Today, my coach said that she want to measure and monitor my weight more carefully than before. She asked me when she can come to my house and take my measurement. I told her to delay a little bit, but she refused to. (As if she knew about the sins I committed yesterday!) I need to punish myself, therefore I prohibit myself to eat rice for these 3 days..Haha. =D Aifa..aifa.. (sambil menggelengkan kepala) Booooooooo!
1.Snap the picture of both inner and outer of the your purse

:::My almost-one-year-old purse... Wah, maybe this survey is a reminder for me to get a new purse.. Haha.. alasan!

2.Introduce your purse brand, price, where you buy

:::She's a Carlo Rino... I bought it for rm150~~ maybe.. I cant remember the exact price. But I remember where I bought it-At LCCT KL. I just came back from Hong Kong and waiting for my next flight to Kuching. So bored maybe, or shopping at HK is never enough! Giiiirrrllll... you know! Hehe.

3. take out what ever its inside your purse

:::Let's see what I got here.

Cash, coins and cards. 3C!

Come, and zoom further...

Aha.. ID Card, Driving License and Matrix Card (To get student price discount even I've graduated almost a year! Jahat nye...)

Business Cards: Mine, Kasyfi's and Zerro's Doctor

Food-related-cards: Secret Recipe, Seoul Garden Juru and Gurney, Tao Restaurant and Dominos Coupon.

Entrance Tickets to Disneyland and Ocean Park in HK

ATM, VISA, ING, Tesco and Real Rewards

4. Snap the pic of your purse with yourself.

::: Couldn't do this since I'm at home and malas mau pakai tudung just to fulfill this survey. Instead, I took a photo of Zerro with my purse. He manja2 yang berlebihan today and I still could not figure out why he acted like this... Follow me around and cling with me everywhere I go... x paham la Zerro.. huhu.

5. Tag others 6 person

:::Kak Long, Shirley, Arin, Asob, and Zerro? Hoho
I always want to watch Upin and Ipin and had booked the seats 4 two since yesterday. As if I've been cursed, disappointedly for TWO times, I can't watch it! Yesterday, the car park at Sunway Carnival was FULL as if there was a concert being held there. It's because of the V-day! And today, I forgot to copy the GSC booking number and end up I blamed kasyfi for it. The reason: Because he called me during I did the movie booking! Haha. Pity him. So, to deal with our frustration, we filled our empty stomach with nice food from Noodle Station. He ordered Wantan Noodle With BBQ Chicken and I had Wantan Noodle with BBQ Honey Whole Leg Chicken for myself. What I like about this noodle is its springy and slimmy noodle. My soy sauce noodle reminds me of Jangjanmun(forgive me for the spelling) in Korean dramas.

My bf got himself a vanilla-caramel blended while only plain water for me. For healthy life! Go Aifa!

My eating-habit which is always save the best to the last couldn't work on me since my diet program start. See what happened.. Membazir..~

My tgk-wayang activity ends up with ring-hunting. We accidentally entered TOMEI and I was hooked with this ring. What do you think? It's a 18K white gold with 0.29 K diamond. Price? See yourself, but I'm lucky cause my mum in law and my boyboy agree with my choice here. Bak kata my mum in law.. "pilih besar2 sikit, nak bg kat org tue.. kang bg kecik2 buat malu je..." Hehe. I'm still in dilemma to choose this or other ring which I still didn’t see in other shop. *sigh*

Hope I can make my decision soon as my future fiancée has already bising2 cause I couldn’t make my mind. Of course la dear… Girls.. Always want more! Sabar keyh.. Hehe.

To my dear-with Love! (He was asking me where I publish my writting, but I dont want to tell him YET~)

What I dislike about Friday? I know it is the last WORKING day in a week, but I hate the fact of I'm running a meeting every Friday. Once you chair a meeting, you need to write the meeting minutes, or else, the boss will chase you! That's the part I don't like because this will make me busy like beeS..

Seems today will be the last day for my team to play badminton for free. I tried to book the court for next week and found out that the whole slot was taken... Duh.. miss the chance for burning my fat ass.. seems that the court was fully booked until end of March. Frustating. So, I terus booked the court for April and try to book for May as well. (assuming we're all still here and not kena buang kerja bcoz of the economy) .Positive thinking.

Now, about the Island Red Cafe. I promise my housemate to write a review here since she belanja me there... :)

IRC has a few branch in Malaysia. I went to one of its franchise in Butterworth. Its theme is Black and Red, and it has Old-Town (because of the Toast, nasi lemak, mee udang)+ Secret Recepi Concept (because of the cakes, western.) May be that's y the theme is Red and Black. Haha.and it kind of a place for lepak2 and watching soccer match or AF! deeee~!
I sat at the second floor and choose the table with open air place, without knowing it was smoking area. Haiseh! Bad environment because of the smell of asap rokok and sesak-ing my nafas. Then we ordered our food and it took about half an hour to get our food served. I dunno what takes them so long to prepare 3 western foods. I ordered Rib Eye Steak-RM 15.90. K Ely-Lamb Chop (RM13.50) and K Muni got herself Fish and Chip (even she just ate A micro-small of it!) Review on my steak? It was a So So. The meat was quite dry, but still soft and easy to chew, the fries was tasteless and cold (the cook should fried them in the last phase laa), black pepper sauce for my steak was too dry and I can taste the butter and garlic which they blended together with the sauce. But the salad was nice... I like! The F&C also not bad.. I like the Lamb Chop the most (with the mushroom sauce)! For drinks, i ordered Green Apple Kasturi, hoping that it was sour. Huh.. it turned out to be so SWEET and really ruined my diet program... Blame on them.. ;p

Luckily, this dinner was on K ely. She involved with this cafe's MLM and she wants us to promote the foods to all friends out there. To join this MLM, you have to pay RM 360 and you will get never expired RM300 voucher to eat here. The extra RM60 is for the membership processing and what so ever. Ok, after you join this group, you need to find a pair of people who also want to join this and pay RM 360 each. After they signed in their membership, you will get at least RM105 minimum for commission... They need to find a pair below them and you'll get the commission continuously from your downline. Haha. Bad explanation huh? I'm not into this MLM but I'm just helping out here..

We're back home around 11.30 pm. Then Dear called me and asked me to check in my car. Wow.. he surprised me with this.... Taadaaaaaa....~

Flower? Wah.. How can my kiamsiap boyfriend gave me this big flower? Haha.Then I found out that he got this for FREE after Lim Guan Eng visited the company where he's working. Seems that there were sooooooooooo many bouquets left after the event, and all the kiamsiap2 husband and boyfriends took them to give their spouse... for V-day! ahha... =D
i'm supposed to take bath now. but something happened in bathroom just now. I was just about to mandi, then suddenly I saw something moving on the bathroom floor..urghhh.. i cant stand that! i hate cacing or everything yg mengensot or whatever they call their movement! benci. benci.

Btw, i'm all alone in the house now. My housemates? I dunno where they're gone. I supposed to be at badminton court rite now and burn out my fat-fat-fat.. BUT no girl want to accompany me tonite and I end up here.. huh..

Oh ya, my sis was asking me for money to buy her taekwondo suit.. I need to bank in it now.. Actually, I was in taekwondo GTF club during my uni life.. blue-red tip belt.. wah, almost reach the BLACK belt wooo… y did I stop GTF aa.. Forgot liao..

Btw, I still hate the stupid lipan in my bathroom.. And also the neighbour who provide kawasan ternakan lipan dekat belakang rumah.. He never potong the rumput there since JUNE Last year! Duhhhhhh!
My Abah is in Hospital KL rite now. I just knew it yesterday after my ummi called me. He was called by the hospital for the follow check-up after his surgery last Oct. (it was not surgery actually, but i dont know the specific term for that process. As long as it happened in OR, I called it surgery). Sorry to all the doctors or doctor wanna be out there. :s heewhew..oh ya, back to the story. After the check up and the endio things, doctor said the result is success. So, nothing to worry about. Alhamdulillah. Hope abah panjang umur and sihat selalau.. aammiinn...
I just discovered this when I accidentally view one of my friend's fren in FB. Then I asked Blossom bout this and seems that my teka-teki is rite! I realize that she added people around me BUT she didn’t dare to add me.. And I just remember that this also happened in FS a few years ago.. Haiyo, come on lah girl.. Move ON la.. I'm not going to steal your boy okay~ See how happy I am now... Luckily I left YOUR boy! Haha.