Grumpy Mom

I'm being grumpy for this whole busy week and ignored everything and everyone.

Ayra was crying out loud.

Kakak:  Ishhhhh, tengok ni, dedek nangis pon kakak yang kena pujuk!  

Ayra stopped crying and Kakak brought her upstairs. 

Kakak: Hati-hati dedek, pegang tepi tu. *holding hands*

Ayra hurt her toe while climbing the stairs. 

Kakak: shhh, shh, xpe, Kakak ada, kakak ada. 

Auwwww, so sweet! Thank you Nasuha for being such a good sister and daughter.

oh my Malaysia

Been reading those comments from Malaysia Insider FB page, regarding the child custody issue of converted Indian man. I'm not sure how he converted to Islam at first, but his child is separated from his Hindu's mother by law, and that caused the anger of the netizens.  

But the comments from netizens were really harsh, and that include those from my friends in my friend list too. Why put so much hatred on Muslims? I thought the islam-phobia only happened outside our country, then I just realized it also happened in Malaysia as well. Too sad, too bad. The racism in Malaysia is getting worse by day and the selfish leaders (from both parties) are using this as their modal politik. Booo!

The harsh comments, mostly came from a fathers and mothers of a child. How do you expect our next generations would be if their parents showed and raised them to hate other races and religions. 

I'm missing the good old days when Malaysians used to respect each other. 

I miss the tv channels that include Cantonese and Mandarin drama slot at 7pm weekdays @tv2 and @tv3. 

I miss my uni-mates and matric roommates, who are non muslim but also excited when Ramadhan's coming and joined us for berbuka puasa and moreh. (Some of them even fast with us!) 

I miss those time where we can shop happily at ah pek kedai runcit without being judge (in front of other races)  'ehtak support bisnes orang melayu

I miss when we eat at Indian chendol stalls or ah pek ais kacang without being judge (in front of other believer) 'oiii, mencari yang halal tu fardhu

I miss the old Malaysia.


My eldest is very talkative. Too much talking till her teachers always asked me, who did she take after. (-___-)" 

And since our holiday in Krabi and Hatyai, she has been asking me, when will we stay at hotel again. Read: (hotel=fancy room with BATHTUB).  I've told her to save up some money so that we could stay at hotel. 

So last weekend, we decided to spend our time in Penang, cum birthday celebration for Ayra and me. I excitedly woke her up in the morning to burst out the news butttt  

Amboii, sentap iols. 

Upon arrival, Nasuha came to me and handed me a crumpled of 1 ringgit note and said "Nah mama, bayar hotel" LoL. 

She has been collecting those money that we left around the house and save it up for this trip. Hahahahhaha.

Next time please collect the red one okay? 

Sekian, Kamsahamida~

Year End Vacay

I feel like to write on this blog after ecah wrote hers, about our krabi roadtrip recently. 

So, we went to Krabi last Christmas. This is our 99th plan to Krabi but all our 1st -98th plans, went straight to drain.  

I'd like to warn you, don't refer to my blog if you're looking for BKM and tips to Krabi. This post is only for personal read and mostly about food, else you'll curse us for the rest of your trip. (Like we did). 

We departed from Kulim at 430am and reached Aonang at 5pm. 13 hours journey? Yes, as we stopped for more than 10 times; for toilet, breakfast, lunch, toilet again, prayers, makan saja2, toilet again, etc etc. 

Activities in Krabi? We just went for island hopping. And massage!!!! Please pamper yourself there. Do whatever you want, pedicure, manicure, body scrub, foot scrub, massage, scrub again, massage again. Haha. As we have to kids with us, i let Kasyfi to go first. They have masseur for men, don't worry. And my session is after dinner, after i put my kids (and husband) to bed. The time different in Thailand is 1 hour late, so their shop lots and massage centre closed at 1am Malaysia time. Oh ya, some of the massage center here is baby friendly, you can bring them with you while you pamper yourself. I did bring Ayra during my manicure pedicure session. 

Motor rent is only 200 bhat per day, ~ MYR 20

What to eat? Of course we're looking for the best thai food in the world. Butttttttttttttt some of it was belowwwww expectation. The famous Lemon restaurant, would be the worst restaurant ever. Key learning, don't trust the blog. Including mine. lol

In Krabi, the best food is from the warung2 and stall at the sidewalk. For breakfast, please try their porridge, Laksa Siam, and Nasi Belacan. Ohmaiiiiiigod, super duper marvelous!!! I even ate 3 of these in 1 breakfast, knowing i couldn't find these back in Malaysia. Sedappnya laaa hai! 

First meal in Thailand, at warung area near Danok

Stop at Halal restaurant along the way. Mahal! 

Warung at Krabi

The best restaurant ever, in Hatyai! No details info, just near the big mosque at the motorway

Of course, what else to try in Thailand other than their significant TomYam. The best ever Tomyam that we ate was on the way back to Hatyai from Krabi. There was a restaurant at the roadside, attached to Petrol Station, with Malaysia and Thai's flag at their header. Their Nasi Ayam, Nasi Goreng Tomyam, Tomyam Ayam, are superb!!! I feel like crying when writing this as i miss the tomyam so much! Up until now, we couldn't find any tomyam in Malaysia that has similar taste to theirs. Not even close! None. 

This is the banner at that restaurant. See, not helping kan? 

What else to eat? Oh, the famous Yamena pancake! My personal favorite would be banana cheese, and i regret for ordering only one!!!! Hers is the crispiest and buttery pancake compared to other stall. So, we went looking for her stall on the next day, but she was gone. Berkali2 pusing carik tp x jumpa. Whyyyyy aunty, where did you hide??? :(

Other than that, you guys must eat their, Kerabu Sotong, Nasi Goreng Green Curry, Nasi Goreng Seafood, Mango sticky rice, churros in Hatyai night market, pulut ayam in Danok, and the ripe pineapples along the highway, fresh fruits and juices, fried papaya with salad sauce etc etc. Try it all, everything is worth it!  

Fresh oyster at warung2. Very cheap oi!

We stopped by at HomePro and Tesco during our trip back. Homepro Thailand is cheaper and smaller Ikea version, and we went to Tesco for groceries shopping. Giant squids is only MYR 6 per kilo hoi! Bring cooler box next time okay? 

I'll be back to Thailand. For HomePro and their food. 

Sekian, Kamsahamida.

i'm back, with another baby girl.

Dah setahun x update blog, tetiba beranak pulak kan? Nahh, my life has been too exciting and happening, so it's hard for me to squeeze some time to write in here. LoL. 

We knew i was pregnant during last eid. It was my husband's turn so we celebrate our Raya in Johor. You know in Jawa plus Bugis culture, kalau tak penuh meja dengan 1001 jenis ketupat dan makanan, tak raya la namanya. But none of it can pass through my throat. T_T

This second pregnancy was not easy as the first one. I had evening sickness and bleeding for entire first trimester, high fever for a week and food poisoning during second trimester and a hectic third trimester. 

4/ 5 months

7 months

And This is the birth story of my second girl. 

16 march, 1.00 am
I was still doing office work when i suddenly noticed my pant was wet. I didn't suspect anything so i thought i peed myself. 

2.00 pm
I was in shower and i confirmed that my waterbag leak. 

3.30 pm
I was supposed to get my monthly check up that day, so we went to the gynae and he asked me to be warded immediately. Barang apa pon x beli lg, how to get warded? So i asked for perlepasan khas from him. Luckily this doctor dah paham sangat perangai yours truly yg keras kepala ni, so he gave the permission sambil geleng2 kepala. 

8.00 pm
Since there is no contraction, i went to buy baby stuffs and fulfill my craving for the sushi. I was only in my 36w and no preparation has been done. None, no new born diapers, newborn clothes still in boxes in a storeroom, no air selusuh, no hospital bag, nothing at all. 

1130 pm
The leaking was bad, even after i put on maternity pad. So we decided to check in to the hospital. Malas nk kotorkan cadar tilam rumah sendiri, kalau kat hospital, nurse boleh buatkan. Lol. 

17 march
No contraction at all. No contraction means no opening la kan? Doctor came to check the opening, 0 cm. So i slept peacefully dekat ward, the best sleep i can get after the hectic work week(s). 

18 march 9.30 am
Checked in to labour room. Doctor decided to induce. Opening is at 2 cm. No contraction yet. Buhsan duduk dlm tu. The only 'entertainment' i could have was the scream of other patients, either yang tgh labour, or yang tgh cuci rahim after miscarriage. Horror sungguh entertaiment dalam labour room tu.

3.30 pm
Mild contraction happened. Macam senggugut gitu. The opening was at 4 cm. baru la start nak minum air akar siti fatimah. 

4.45 pm
Ohhhhhh now came the real contractions. Kasyfi went out for asar prayer. I thought malam sikit kot baru bersalin ni, based on previous experience. Tapi sakit ni memang melampau, berganda ganda painful from the previous one. Nurse told me that the opening was at 6cm.

5.15 pm
Doctor came and asked where was my husband. He prepared everything and put my legs to be hang. I asked him, aiks dah boleh bersalin ke doctor? Luckily kasyfi came on time. They asked me to push during the contraction, so there it goes, a baby girl came out at 5.40 pm. 

Ayra Kaina an-Najaah

I have a different experience this time. Not a long labour, but the contraction was really really really really painful. But i'm blessed to have these two girls in my life. Cepat sikit besar ye dedek, mama cant wait to dress you up together with kakak nasuha.

Dah besar nanti, we can leave babah at home while we go for outing, shopping and  beautifying ourselves, ok girls???

Sekian, kamsahamida~